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handled around 3.7 m TEU. Savannah’s The functioning of Konecranes crane hot. A software problem can be analyzed lifting and material handling solutions

Garden City container terminal is the installations around the world are moni- and also ? xed remotely. company Terex Corporation. The merger biggest single container terminal in the tored, and information is extracted on For the time being Konecranes is bid- plan was announced last year. In January

United States - although there are big- their condition. A need for preventive ing its time regarding decisions to be this year, a Chinese company expressed ger container ports. Savannah is a very maintenance can be identi? ed, for ex- made related to the ongoing merger an interest in acquiring Terex by making ef? cient port. It has been increasing its ample, when a roller bearing is getting process between Konecranes and U.S. a share purchase offer. volume year after year.”

The development of container han- dling technology has been incremental.

With the larger container ships came more ef? cient container handling sys- ? & tems. ”Perhaps the most remarkable de- ? velopment has been seen in increasing automation,” Oja notes.

He describes how container ports to- day, in most cases, have manned con- tainer cranes, but it’s possible today to fully automate most yard crane opera- tions, with human intervention occurring only at certain phases from a remote op- erating center in the port’s control center.

Quayside operations, loading and un- loading the container ships with ship-

A perfect blend of: to-shore cranes, is still mainly done by human crane operators.

That said, remotely controlled ship-to-

Capabilities & Commitment shore cranes have been taken into use successfully in the last couple years. De- velopment in this area is speeding ahead.

There are bottlenecks, however. The shipping container was developed back in the 1960s, and the ships carrying the containers have not changed much since that time when it comes to their loading and unloading.

It is quite challenging to automate this part of the container handling process. “Here we have not seen that much de- velopment yet.

The various parties should interact more to promote more ef? cient methods



DOBEL® 1973 enabled by new technologies,” Mr. Oja

Quality & Service

Guarantee points out.

The development of automated hori- zontal container transportation from the quayside to the container yard, using automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and

DOBEL® SUPERIOR incorporating automated stacking and

For Exclusive Interior Design automated road truck loading and un- loading, was started in the 1990s by the

This unique product line is for the frst time allowing

HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder designers to be creative in form and function, when (CTA) pilot project in Hamburg. Today, designing public areas requiring large scale material there are a handful of such automated usage. With the introduction of DOBEL® Superior and container terminals. In the United States,

Metalcolour’s capability to supply perforated metal a container terminal of this type is being as base, a world of opportunities are created when it developed in Los Angeles. comes to acoustic solutions.

During its visit to Konecranes Head-

DOBEL® Superior is Approved according to IMO.

quarters, Maritime Reporter & Engi- neering News also got a look at the

TRUCONNECT Remote Service Con- trol Station, one of a total of three such stations located on three continents, to- gether providing 24/7 remote monitor-

Metalcolour A/S Metalcolour Sverige AB Metalcolour Asia Pte Ltd

Agrovej 6 Emaljervägen 7 17 Tuas Avenue 4 ing of more than 10,000 cranes and lift-

DK-4800 Nykøbing F. SE-372 30 Ronneby SG-639368 Singapore

Phone: +45 5484 9070 Phone: +46 457 781 00 Phone: +65 9030 5157 ing systems worldwide. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 61

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