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Biodegradable Lithium Complex Greases

RSC Bio Solutions exanded its EnviroLogic 800 ment or systems over a wide temperature range in series of biodegradable greases. The EnviroLogic both marine and land applications. Examples of 800 series are VGP compliant, biodegradable Lith- marine applications include deck cranes, davits, ? n ium Complex greases designed to operate in severe stabilizers, shaft bearings, controllable pitch propel- outdoor environments and withstand corrosion. lers, stern thrusters, barges, roll on/roll off (RO/RO)

RSC Bio Solutions is introducing EnviroLogic 800 hatches, cargo hold doors and other moving parts

EnviroLogic sustainable lubricants are suitable, and EnviroLogic 801 greases to further compliment on ships. On land, the EnviroLogic 800 series could the already established EnviroLogic 802, allowing be used in any application where grease could end proven and approved for a wide range of applica- tions, and meet a wide range of ISO grades and in- the company to offer solutions for additional appli- up in the environment, such as garage doors, tracks, dustry performance speci? cations. These solutions cations when speci? cations call for NLGI grades #0 hinges, trailers and construction equipment.

and #1. The EnviroLogic 800 series demonstrate excellent maintain technical feasibility evident in the many

The EnviroLogic 800 series were speci? cally de- low temperature pumpability, extreme pressure, an- original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approv- signed for multipurpose high performance industrial tiwear protection and oil separation stability during als, including: Aegir, Blohm & Voss, Eaton/Vickers, applications where incidental environmental expo- storage. They are biodegradable and will not cause Linde, Rolls Royce, Rexroth, Komatsu and Wärt- sure is a cause for concern. They operate in equip- harm to aquatic life or animals. silä.

New Oil Debris Sensor Launched

Gill Sensors &

Controls Limited announced im- mediate avail- ability of its new

Oil Debris Sensor that provides con- tinuous real-time

Image: Vesconite monitoring of

New CMR Modular Approach particle contami-

CMR’s Gold? nch provides a new modular ap-

Image: Gill Sensors & Controls Ltd.

nation in hydrau- proach for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Vesconite: Fast Turnaround on lic and engine oil (BWTS) and marine control panels. A new modu- lubrication systems. The new sensor triggers either lar approach for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Rudder Bearings an immediate shutdown in cases of large particle (BWTS) and marine control panels has been devel-

Workboats, ships and megayachts rely on large build-up, or an early warning indication for needed oped by CMR Group, specialists in controls, instru- and extra-large rudder bearings. Having a vessel maintenance in both cases preventing unexpected mentation and wiring systems for marine and high- in dry dock for days or weeks while waiting for downtime. horsepower applications.

an oversized bearing is costly and frustrating, said

Gold? nch is an advanced engineering process

Vesconite, whose machined Vesconite and Vesco- that is based around standard and modular panels nite Superclad replacements—up to 10-ft. in diam- for BWTS, enabling OEMs to expand and improve eter with practically any wall thickness—are avail- their offering through reduced lead times and cost able for immediate shipment from a global network

OMEGA Debuts Guided savings. Using Gold? nch can reduce time-to-mar- of dedicated dealers, and with fast turnaround times

Wave Radar Level Transmitter ket lead times by 75% when compared to traditional for custom sizes. Vesconite is an advanced, internal-

The LVRD10 Series of systems, delivering potential savings of upwards of ly lubricated polymer that excels where high load general purpose guided thousands of dollars per project.

strength, dimensional stability, and zero swelling or wave radar level transmit-

Gold? nch enables BWTS OEMs to select from a softening is required. It performs in dirty and silty ters provide continuous level range of modular and standard control panel parts water, and has long wear life—more than 10 times measurement with a 4 to 20 and technologies compliant with Marine Classi? - that of bronze—so maintenance costs are reduced. mA signal output. Offered cation societies, which can be tailored to individ-

And unlike metal bearings, it doesn’t need oil or in three probe (rod, coaxial ual requirements. This simpli? es the whole process grease lubrication, so it’s environmentally friendly or cable) con? gurations up from initial technical speci? cation to ? nal delivery

Image: Omega and fully compliant with EPA Uniform National to 3 m (9.8’) for the rod and of completed units. These include steel construct-

Discharge Standards.

coaxial and 5.5 m (18.0’) ed Local Operating Panel-based (LOP) solutions

Vesconite bears type approval certi? cations from for the cable design. The sensor is con? gured using which provide protection from dust and water in-

ABS, Bureau Veritas, China Classi? cation Society, the easy, yet powerful software. The contact liquid gress (to a minimum of IP54) and incorporate in-

China Corporation Register of Shipping, Det Nor- level sensor is intended for low corrosive chemical, dustry standard PLC-based control systems, HMI ske Veritas, Germanische Lloyds, Korean Register waste, oil or water storage applications in above user interfaces and are suitable for a Supply Voltage of Shipping Lloyds Register and Russian Maritime grade metal or reinforced concrete tanks or below range 380 – 690V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz.

Register of Shipping. It is accredited to ISO 9001. grade tanks of any material. 85

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