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M A R I N E L I N K . C O M

HQ 118 E. 25th St., 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10010 USA

Tel +1 212 477 6700

Fax +1 212 254 6271

FL Of? ce 215 NW 3rd St

Boynton Beach, FL 33435-4009

Tel +1 561 732 4368

Fax +1 561 732 6984


John E. O’Malley

John C. O’Malley

Associate Publisher/Editorial Director

Greg Trauthwein


Vice President, Sales

Rob Howard

Web Editor

Eric Haun

Web Contributor sk anyone who knows me, Sa powered by Cummins diesel engines,

Michelle Howard

I love to eat ? sh. Most any featured on page 40.

Editorial variety, most any time, I’ll eat But innovation in the maritime sector is “Give a man a ? sh and you

Joseph Fonseca - India

Tom Mulligan - UK ? sh. Unfortunately though, surely not relegated to the booming ? shing


Claudio Paschoa - Brazil feed him for a day; teach a

Peter Pospiech - Germany if you’re stuck with me on the water and vessel market, as the cover of this month’s

William Stoichevski - Norway hungry, I’m not the one you want manning edition will surely attest. Let me start by man to ? sh and you feed

Production the ? shing pole. Despite a lifetime of trips saying that this certainly wasn’t planned to

Irina Vasilets

Nicole Ventimiglia and countless advice from my brother be the “Drone” edition, but in publications him for a lifetime.”

Corporate Staff

Rick – the brother who decidedly received as in life, opportunities arise that simply

Mark O’Malley, Marketing Manager

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting the majority of ‘outdoorsman genetics’ in can’t be missed. The attorney of Blank

Information Technology our family – ? sh basically laugh at me. Rome have been long-time and valued

Vladimir Bibik

Philosopher Maimonides

Emin Tule

Perhaps subliminally this is why I was contributors to our pages, and this month so keen to work to feature innovation Sean T. Pribyl came to us with an article


Subscription and investment in the commercial ? shing regarding the risk and reward of aerial

Kathleen Hickey sector this year, both in this title and in drone operations in the maritime sector sister-publication MarineNews, as I am solidly dependent upon that was an instant hit. Many of my conversations tradition-


Lucia Annunziata the professional men, women and boats of the world’s ? shing ally center on the incorporation of emerging technologies, and +1 212 477 6700 ext 6220

Terry Breese industry to keep well-fed. while the maritime sector is generally regarded as conserva- +1 561 732 1185

Frank Covella

This month is Part III of our Fisheries Fleet Review authored tive in its adoption of new technologies, the sector is also quite +1 561 732 1659

Mitch Engel by William Stoichevski, our contributor seated in Oslo. Part of ‘thrifty,’ and when it comes to saving money or generating +1 561 732 0312

Mike Kozlowski

William’s mandate this year has been to scout emerging ? shing revenue no stone is left unturned. Insights on how drones are +1 561 733 2477

Dawn Trauthwein ? eet investment from around the world, and as it turns out the starting to be deployed by shipowners, shipbuilders, classi? ca- +1 212 477 6700 ext 6230

Jean Vertucci

July edition is in his own backyard, entitled ‘Buying Norwe- tion and the offshore industry starts on page 22.

+1 212 477 6700 ext 6210 gian,’ starting on page 36. Investment and innovation in the But drones in and of themselves really are just the tip of the world’s ? shing ? eet has been unlike any I’ve seen since ? rst iceberg, as in the big picture ... call it what you will, ‘Big Data’

International Sales sitting in this seat in 1992, as there seemingly has been a global or ‘The Internet of Things’ ... it is the collection, analysis and


Roland Persson mandate invest in new means to catch and bring to market ultimately the deployment of of actionable information that is

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24

Ystad, Sweden food from the sea. Case in point is the burgeoning business of the driving force in today’s maritime industry. t: +46 411-184 00 f: +46 411 105 31 ‘? sh farming’ and the development of the world’s ? rst offshore This edition is packed with articles on how successful com-

Western Europe

Uwe Riemeyer rig farm (page 38). Also, ? shing ? eet investment has been panies are using information to make their operations safer, t: +49 202 27169 0 f: +49 202 27169 20 the mandate of the Vietnamese government, courtesy of its more ef? cient and more pro? table. Information will feed you

United Kingdom

Paul Barrett “Directive No. 67,” a mandate which has resulted in signi? cant today; learning to leverage this information to improve your

Hallmark House, 25 Downham Road, Ramsden

Health, Essex CM11 1PU UK investment in new commercial ? shing tonnage, such as ? sher- business and open markets will sustain you for a lifetime.

t: +44 1268 711560 m: +44 7778 357722 f: +44 1268 711567 man Bui Mong brand new ? berglass boat Ju Mong Truong

Classi? ed Sales t: (212) 477-6700


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