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safe in every environment, every day, on big summit on the 24. The meeting now on the challenges of going to sea as a Command Climate, Bullying, Hazing, every ship. It just isn’t going to happen, concluded, shippers and Marad agree: woman, I found myself next to a woman Retaliation & Reporting, Moral Rela- shipping companies can’t guarantee it, the cadets will be safe and protected. who, as it turned out, had graduated from tivism, Authentic Personhood, and Hu- and they’d be foolish if they did. Here’s The memo(s) go out, ? eet wide, admon- the school, many years before. I asked manities. These will all come in handy a wakeup call: It’s a dangerous job, per- ishing all personnel to act appropriately her what she thought of the program. She on that day in the not-too-distant future formed in a challenging environment. If and warning of the consequences if they paused and then answered carefully af- when the 0.2 mile CPA target is moving it wasn’t, ships wouldn’t need SOLAS, do not. The professional mariners, upon ter a moment, “I look forward to a time towards our future mariners at a relative

ISM, MLC, STCW, Subchapter M and a receiving this advice, endeavor to never when these events are no longer neces- speed of 45 KT. The Peanuts movie and dozen other safety-related acronyms. speak or interact with any cadet, ever sary.” It occurred to me today that – at a waterfront bon? re cap the festivities

The academy insists that “Sea Year is again, for fear of being accused of some- least at Kings Point – she is likely to nicely. Yep, the apocalypse is truly upon and will remain a core element of the thing that they did not do. Indeed, the be sorely disappointed, for a long, long us.

Academy’s academic program.” That old preschool teacher rule will now be in time. may well be. That said; I simply can’t place: Never allow yourself to be alone imagine what it will look like, on what in a room with children unless there is The Apocalypse platform(s) that training will take place, another adult in attendance. Now, imag- Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter and when that will happen. Because, if ine how much learning will take place. what will happen on June 24. The dam- Joseph Keefe is the lead commentator anyone thinks that a meeting on 24 June Separately, and although only loosely age – call it net impact if you want to of Addition- between stakeholders and Marad is go- related to what is now transpiring at soften the dialogue – has already been ally, he is Editor of both Maritime Pro- ing to solve anything in a New York min- Kings Point, I also had the pleasure some done. Meanwhile, don’t worry about fessional and MarineNews print maga- ute, then I want in on whatever brand of time ago to attend a Women on the Wa- the dozens of midshipmen con? ned on zines. He can be reached at jkeefe@

Chardonnay they are gulping. If these ter (WOW) event at the Academy. There campus awaiting the edict of the U.S. or at Keefe@ cadets go back to sea on the same vessels were mentoring sessions and many of Maritime Administration on the future MaritimeProfessional.

they’ve just been removed from any time the academy’s female students attended, of professional mariner training. That’s com is the largest business networking soon, it will be business as usual at sea along with a fair number of KP alumnae. because, the ‘plan of the week’ on cam- site devoted to the marine industry. Each – for everyone – with one small caveat. It was a terri? c event; well organized by pus is an eye opener. day thousands of industry professionals

Imagine just one potential outcome passionate people and it brought value to On tap for the USMMA educational around the world log on to network, con- for U.S. ? ag shipping in the wake of the the campus. Sitting in on a talk / Q&A experience are the following topics: nect, and communicate.


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