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Kongsberg: Blazing a Digital Trail (Photo: Courtesy Kongsberg)

BY GREG TRAUTHWEIN arlier this year Kongsberg pervasive in many maritime and off- the digitalization of industrial processes about 500 employees from existing launched Kongsberg Digital, shore oil and gas sectors. Not deterred, starts in earnest. In announcing the new software and simulation environments a new subsidiary to expand its long-term (and in fact, short term) she company, Walter Qvam, CEO of Kongs- within Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technolo- industrial software offering, a believes companies – with the new gen- berg said: “Technologies such as Inter- gies and Kongsberg Maritime, and from “start-up” with about 500 em- eration of internet natives joining the net of Things, Big Data, automation and the start it will have a signi? cant port-

Eployees. Hege Skryseth, Presi- workforce and the real need to cut costs robotics will lead to signi? cant changes folio and revenues from advanced data, dent of Kongsberg Digital and also the now – are becoming more amenable to for the industry as well as for the pub- software and simulation products. In

Chief Digital Of? cer of Kongsberg leveraging the data at hand. lic sector. Kongsberg is already a digi- addition Kongsberg Digital will have a shares with MR her insights on the size, “We currently see the market con- tal group with world-leading products group responsibility for developing new shape and direction of the new entity. ditions impacting the oil and gas and within sensor technology, electronics, digital solutions and related technology “You see some opportunities here,” is maritime markets, and with that we see a software development and big data pro- alliances. Skryseth said digitalization how Hege Skryseth summarizes the po- willingness to change, and an openness cessing. Through the launch of Kongs- is one of the key focus areas in indus- tential for the digital revolution to make to new systems,” said Skryseth. “But berg Digital we take an important step in try today, and it is changing the way we maritime and offshore operations more most companies are just at the beginning the group’s strategy for developing the work in explaining the rationale to create ef? cient. Skryseth, who previously ran of realizing exactly what digitalization next generation of digitalized products the separate company: it’s tearing down

Microsoft’s business in Norway, is a can really do for their operations. So and services.” walls, changing business models … and software industry veteran, with Kongs- many of the discussions center on ‘how With its breadth of product, service it’s happening rapidly. berg for about 2.5 years now. She is de- can we join forces to see what can be and geographic distribution, Kongsberg termined to help lead the tide of change done’ … and I think that is a good place is many things to many people. But at The World: Digital & Connected in this pair of conservative industries, to start.” its heart is software. “Kongsberg is rec- “Within four years there are going to working non-stop to out? t new ships and ognized as a high tech company, and it be 200 billion devices connected to the rigs with the latest software solutions to Kongsberg Digital is a signi? cant software company,” said internet, and the ability to get them to assist in ensuring cost ef? cient and safe Kongsberg Digital was established as Skryseth. “About 70% of what we do is talk to each other, to create value, and to operations. a subsidiary of Kongsberg, a new com- software” across multiple markets, in- create machine-to-machine communica-

While ambitious to get the new com- pany formed to assess and capture the cluding maritime, oil and gas, energy, tion is going to be one of our focus ar- pany up and running, Skryseth is a real- world of opportunities that are upon renewable energy, defense and space. eas,” said Skryseth. The data revolution ist regarding current market conditions the maritime and offshore industries as Kongsberg Digital will consist of has evoked a number of catchy names, 28 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JULY 2016

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