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Fisherman Bui Mong approached the innovative Institute of Ship

Research and Development (UNISHIP) in Khanh

Hoa province on Vietnam’s central coast. (Photo: Cummins/Haig-Brown) round net, he developed techniques for big expensive engine, when there were took delivery of a 24 by 6.5-m ? berglass 12-knot top speed. A power takeoff on daytime, as well as night time, ? shing. less expensive options available. He vessel from UNISHIP. With a molded the main engine provides for the hy-

While his successes in ? shing grew, he explained that, the larger, more power- depth of 3.5m and a 10,000-liter fuel draulic steering. Other auxiliary require- suffered personal tragedy when his wife ful boat with a modern reliable engine capacity, the new boat, named Ju Mong ments are met by three refurbished 60 died of cancer. Her treatment had used would enable him to travel further and Truong Sa, is large enough to ? sh well KVA (Kilo Volt Amperes) auxiliary gen- all of the family’s reserve savings. Then faster while catching more ? sh to repay off shore. The packing capacity of 70 cu. erator sets. his boat was lost in a storm. After his the loan. The use of ? berglass, while ini- m. in eight compartments will allow ef- The strongly built vessel features rescue he found himself on the beach tially more expensive, would reduce the ? cient use of ice while providing storage working decks formed with three-layer, with no more than he had started with. cost of maintenance and repairs. Recog- for signi? cant catches of tuna and other sandwich type construction to provide

But he had knowledge and a reputation nizing that Bui Mong had not only his species. Mong got his powerful and re- strength and better noise and heat insula- as a successful ? sherman. When he ap- ? shing knowledge but solid entrepre- liable engine, a 12-cylinder Cummins tion. With accommodation for a crew of plied for a loan under the government’s neurial skills backed by a solid business KTA38 MO delivering 800 HP at 1800 20 the boat is fully out? tted for roaming

Directive No. 67, he was asked why he plan, the loan was granted. In June of RPM through a Dong I marine gear with and ? shing throughout the Vietnamese wanted to build a ? berglass boat with a 2016, a proud and determined Bui Mong 4.95:1 reduction. This gives the boat a waters. 41

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