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Kolbs four stage learning cycle.

your voice will help to keep the attention assisting the established Maritime In- in a more structured form as opposed

The Author of the class. structors with chart uploads and VRD to a hap hazard order. This in turn al- playback. I was under the impression lowed me to understand how proper • Eye Contact. Eye contact is one as I watched other instructors that lec- measured training packages are for- of the most important aspects of body turing was just the process for throw- mulated and that instruction is not just language. Making eye contact with your ing a load of facts at a student, they a matter of regurgitating chunks of students will help you to gauge whether learnt it, we test their ability to learn information; there is a whole thought your message is being truly received and it and then they go back to sea. When process that goes into it which I was understood. I was approached and asked if I felt unaware of. The approach to teaching comfortable delivering part of a les- crew members (Adults - Andragogy) • Conduct/Behaviour. Your attitude son (the technical side of the course) is very different to teaching children is important as this ultimately will in? u- I jumped at the chance as I thought (Pedagogy). Having studied the dif- ence the rapport you have with your stu- that that was all I had to do.... I was ferences extensively, I think that this dents. wrong! Previous to this I had only de- (Pedagogy) is how many training

Richard (Joe) Sloly, Instructor & Cus- livered training on a voluntary basis packages have, or are, being delivered tomer Development Manager.

• Enthusiasm. An enthusiastic man- within my passion for technology. As in some elements of our industry from

Quali? ed as an Instructor in November ner adopted by the instructor can have a standard course of action, the com- my observations.

1996, Richard is quali? ed further as a greater effect on the learning process pany encouraged and guided me as I Looking back at the 6 week train- an advanced instructor assessor with a further one week course which con- than any other quality. It has the ability underwent the full remit of train the ing/education package that I received centrated more on assessing instruc- to make a mediocre lesson into a good trainer courses available. I was natu- in Whiteley, Southampton, using the tors and maintaining their standards in one and conversely, lack of enthusiasm rally apprehensive but gained so much process of Andragogy, develop my 2003. He has also held seven different can turn a good lesson into a poor one. understanding of the industry and how understanding, skills and the knowl- maritime-based training positions over it, and more to the point I, can make edge to become an effective instruc- 15 years, teaching Deck Of? cers to

In conclusion, below is an extract from mistakes as a result of simple compla- tor, I am fully aware that my current

Masters. Richard spent 21 of his 28 an interview with a newly quali? ed as- cency. The lessons I have learnt stayed skill set needs to be nurtured as I naval years in management. Richard has also completed a City and Guilds sistant Marine Instructor, who has never with me and I draw on those skills on move forward as an instructor in our (Graduate ship) Leadership and Man- been to sea or instructed in a profession- a daily basis. industry, a challenge and prospect agement, a City and Guilds (Graduate al environment before. As a result I moved over and started that I am looking forward to. I am a ship) Human Resources, an NVQ level to support the bridge course as the non-mariner, and non-conventionally 4 in Management and an NVQ level “When I joined the training center exercise controller and swiftly found trained instructor, however, in the role 4 in Administration. Richard has also

I was originally employed to manage myself becoming a Co-Teacher. Hav- of teaching support I can clearly see passed Instructor Training Courses, In- and facilitate IT equipment, from basic ing now completing the IMO 6.09 that the ability to effectively pass in- struction Techniques Assessors’ Course and Simulator Instructional Techniques desktop computers to advanced elec- “Train the Trainer” Course, this for formation is just as important as the


tronic programs. Based on my com- me has paid dividends as it pulled all lead instructors maritime background puting knowledge I soon found myself my skills together and assembled them and teaching quali? cations.” 47

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