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Simrad Debuts New 27-in. HD Monitor

The new Simrad M5027 optically bonded analog video inputs. Bracket mounting or

HD monitor for the commercial marine mar- table top mounting options are planned to be ket is a 27-in. marine monitor designed to available.

meet the color calibration requirements of Presenting a viewing area that is 597mm

ECDIS systems and the size requirements x 336mm, this extra-large widescreen fea- of 320mm CAT1 radar systems. The Simrad tures 20% more viewing area than a tradi-

M5027 monitor has an optical bonded LCD tional 23-in. display. Crisp HD resolution as standard. Optical bonded displays elimi- of 1920x1080 pixels and MVA technology nate the “air gap” issues of condensation, provide optimal viewing from anywhere on overheating and contamination. Reliable the bridge or pilothouse. The type-approved touch menu controls and IPX6 rated water monitors in the M-seris now include the resistant ? ush mounting also contribute to M5016 (16-in. WS) and M5019 (19-in.WS) long-life design. When ? ush mounted, the for 180mm radars, the M5024 (24-in.WS)

Simrad M5027 monitor has a low pro? le for 250mm radars or ECDIS and the new (8mm) all-glass design, and complies with M5027 (27-in.WS) for 320mm radars and

IP66 water resistant regulations. HDMI and ECDIS display.

DVI inputs are standard, as well as auxiliary

Simrad 3D Vessel Performance

Management Service

Logimatic expanded the vessel reporting system and dynamic dashboards within its Sertica soft- ware package, designed to provide an improved level of visual presentation of shipboard data and move towards a 3D vessel performance manage-

Image: Tritex NDT ment service. The combined system is built on

Image: Cortec Corp.

three dimensions – the Planned Maintenance Sys- tem, Vessel Reporting & Performance Manage- ment, and the Performance Management Service

Center – hence its description as what we call a 3D

New Surveyor

Corrosion Protection for ? eet management service.

Marine Nav Equipment

A shipping company running Sertica can “out-

Thickness Gauge

Tritex NDT launched its new Multigauge 5650 source” the task of performance optimization to

As maritime vessels become more dependent on

Surveyor thickness gauge. The gauge, based on the the Logimatic Performance Management Service electronic navigation and communication equip- original Multigauge 5600, has features including Center (PMSC), which can be done for a monthly ment, it becomes critical to keep these controls in the option to exchange the probe and the gauge au- fee or an agreed portion of documented savings. good working order Cortec Corporation, which tomatically switches to single echo mode for mea- The PMSC will be able to provide advice on a provides VpCI corrosion control technology, suring GRP, plastic or uncoated metal. The gauge range of matters related to vessel performance, addresses this problem with its VpCI Emitters. also measures metal thickness through coatings of including fuel consumption, engine adjustments,

These small self-stick cups contain Vapor phase up to 20mm thick. bunker management, hull and propeller cleanings

Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) slowly released

The gauge has a large modern color display and an as well as maintenance schedules and equipment through a breathable Tyvek membrane. When easy to use clear graphic menu. It has been designed procedures.

placed inside an enclosed space, the VpCIs spread in line with Tritex’s concept of Simple, Accurate out to ? ll the internal area and form an invisible and Robust. For metal measurement, the gauge protective layer on all metal surfaces, not interfer- uses the Multiple Echo technique to ignore coat- ing with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface ings up to 20mm thick and just measures the metal properties. VpCI Emitters are good for electrical substrate. No grinding or removal of the coatings wire ways and terminal boxes, scienti? c and mea- is required. All probes have Intelligent Probe Rec- suring instruments, telecommunications equip- ognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings ment, and remote electronic devices. They are in the gauge when connected. Also, the Automatic non-toxic, safe to handle, and quick to install, pro-

Measurement Veri? cation System (AMVS) used viding continuous multi-metal protection for up to with multiple echo ensures only true measurements 24 months in polluted and humid environments. are displayed. An optional leather case protects the

The VpCI-105 Emitter protects metal components gauge.

in enclosed spaces up to 5 cu. ft. The VpCI-111

Emitter protects in spaces up to 11 cu. ft. 49

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