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Of all the ships in the world, Tillberg’s Favorite ...

“The Queen Mary 2. She is a ship bridging the past and the future. She is a liner and a modern cruise ship with modern technology all the way from the systems of propulsion to the onboard amenities and all technical systems. And yet, as you come onboard you are in the elegant era of the liners. She is built to travel at speed through north Atlantic storms - quite a ship!” (Picture right: The iconic 2,620 passenger ocean liner, pictured in the Norwegian Fjords.) ... and from his own body of work ...

The 3,600 pax Cruise Ferry Tanit (below) is a favorite, owned by is the Tunisian maritime company COTUNAV. “The cultural studies we did to create authentic designs while mentoring a shipyard new to passenger cruise line building (DSME) were an incredibly rewarding experience.” (Photo courtesy MCCUE Marine; © Bildagentur Huber/Gräfenhain) (Photo courtesy Tomas Tillberg Design) incredibly rewarding experience.

I know this is a tough question, but in looking at your body of work, which de-

Another favorite is the World Residen- sign project is your favorite, and why?

Sea which is in essence a ? oating con- dominium quite different from a passen- ®

Surprisingly perhaps, I would say it is ger Cruise vessel catering to a group of

Cylmate Sensors. Pressure the 3,600 pax Cruise Ferry Tanit. She people who shares ownership and call it under control.

was built at DSME, one of the three main their home. Creating unique and luxuri- yards in South Korea. The owner is the ous designs to accommodate most Resi-

Tunisian maritime company COTUNAV. dents was quite a challenge but we fully

We designed all public areas as well as embraced it and out of it came exquisite- suites and cabins and the crew areas. We ly designed spaces we’re very proud of.

also designed all signage (in three lan-

Save money by tuning and controlling the combustion guages) and supplied the art work. The

What can the maritime industry expect pressure stroke-by-stroke. Cylmate pressure sensors used on from Tillberg Design in the coming de- work was completed in record time with electronically controlled diesel engines enabling improved energy cade?

design, engineering and construction efficiency and lower the risk for off-hire costs.

The unique and reliable Cylmate pressure sensor has proven completed in 22 months. It was an ex- its maintenance- and calibration-free performance during years of citing project all around not the least as A continued quest to deliver innovative continuous operation.

designs that propels us into the new age 5 year warranty. we started it before the revolution in Tu- nisia and completed it after it was over. of technological expansion which is key

The trips to Tunis were exciting to say while keeping a grip on environmen- tal impact and the highest standard for the least. But more importantly the cul-

ABB AB tural studies we did to create authentic safety at sea. And helping our clients in

Measurement & Analytics

Force Measurement designs while mentoring a shipyard new exceeding their expectations is always

Phone: +46 21 32 50 00 to passenger cruise line building were an our utmost intention. 37

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