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To watch Frank Coles discuss THESIS & additional topics per- tinent to the future of maritime navigation, please visit the link below to watch him interviewed by Maritime Reporter TV at

SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

ELECTRONICS view-frank-coles-ceo-transas-100084 (Image: Transas (Image: Maritime Reporter TV)

Transas CEO Coles

THESIS and the Future of Maritime Ops

At SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Transas CEO Frank nized Eco System of Integrated Solutions (THE-

Coles delivered the company’s standpoint on the SIS). The vision and reality of THESIS is to cre- future of maritime operations. ate a managed environment to accommodate the

Coles opened the forum by summing up the regulatory, cultural and technological barriers as situation of maritime technology market today, we strive for a safe, ef? cient ship operations eco stating that, “Our industry today is awash with system.

innovation, big data, unmanned ships, decision “THESIS seeks to connect, create and enable support tools, fuel saving applications and stress- the connection of the dots in ship operations. It reducing voyage planning and many other save is designed to create the platform and structure the day applications.” to enable the remote, unmanned or manned ship “However, it is has manifested as a picture of or ? eet. To create an ability to coexist within the uncoordinated fragmented promises that lacks a legal, geo political and stakeholder restraints that structure and platform. Shipping needs a solu- exist today,” Coles said.

tion not an application. Shipping operations is The Transas CEO believes that the human ele- the complete picture not just the smart phone,” ment remains as the ? nal interpreter of the crisis he continued. situations, but is relieved of the tedious admin-

Coles made the statements when talking about istrative work that is still so much a part of the the power and potential of the Transas Harmo- operations of the ship today.

ABS CTO: CyberSecurity is Priority

With the cyber security spend anticipated to tems that emphasize human, systems and en- top $1 trillion in the next ? ve years, classi? ca- vironmental safety.” The cyber security launch tion society ABS is aiming to be the proverbial from ABS as SMM was comprehensive, a full ‘tip of the spear’ to the maritime and offshore ? ve volumes issued with more to come. New communities, unveiling the ? rst comprehensive volume releases and revisions in the ABS Cy- cyber security certi? cation and optional nota- berSafety series include: tions for marine and offshore assets and facili- ties at the SMM 2016. Volume 1 – Guidance Notes on the Applica-

Seen a key plank in ABS’ Future Class, the tion of Cybersecurity Principles to Marine and

ABS CyberSafety series is the industry’s ? rst Offshore Operations (revised and expanded) risk-based management program for asset own- ers to apply best practice approaches to cyber Volume 2 – Guide for Cybersecurity Implemen- security, automated systems safety, data integ- tation for the Marine and Offshore Industries rity and software veri? cation. “Cyber adds a new dimension” as class gets wider and deeper, Volume 3 – Guidance Notes on Data Integrity said Howard Fireman, ABS’ Chief Technology for Marine and Offshore Operations

Of? cer. “Our unique approach to cyber safety charts a new path, delivering wider and deeper Volume 4 – Guide for Software Systems Veri? - classi? cation services as technology evolves cation and becomes more sophisticated, reaching far beyond simple compliance and directly to as- Volume 5 – Guidance Notes on Software Pro- set and facility security. The ABS CyberSafety vider Conformity Program program provides the only actionable guidance for addressing and assessing cyber-enabled sys- While Cyber Security may be a relatively new 68 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • OCTOBER 2016

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