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Your Cleanest tugs are currently on the drawing board McAllister meets, with high antici- waiting for the ? nal design and decision. pation, the upcoming SubChapter M

Alternative to Filter Use

These boats are ahead of their time and regulations, where all our tugs will have with over 80 tons of bollard, are sure to USCG inspections with our computer- be in demand in every port where the Ul- ized maintenance program coming under

Messy ?lters or a self-cleaning separator? Which tra Large container ships will call. a more intense scrutiny. From a ? nancial sounds better to you? Introducing the newest, smallest standpoint, the increased expenditures centrifuge for purifying diesel fuel, lube oil and oil-water

In your mind what is the biggest and scheduling that we will be coordi- sludge mixtures.

challenge to running a safe, ef? cient nating with the USCG may not be un- ? eet today?

derstood by our customers as this will no

There are no short cuts for safety and doubt increase operational expenses and • Cuts ?lter use by more than 50% ef? ciency and the number one challenge time out of service for the boats.

• Continuous operation remains providing the customer with the • E?cient removal of solids quality service they expect. McAllis- From the time you entered the in- • Prevention of microbial growth dustry in 1979 to today, how is run- ter does this by making sure our crews • Lower operating costs ning a ? eet of workboats most the are well-trained, have the best equip- • Lower maintenance costs same, and most different?

ment and that each port has the proper mix of tugs to handle the anticipated Going back to the early 80s and com-

To learn more about GEA centrifuges and separation demand from shippers and barges alike. paring those days to now, you will see equipment for the marine industry, email

Obviously this is much easier said than much larger ships making fewer port done, but at McAllister we have shore calls being attended by fewer tugs with, call 800-722-6622, side professionals with years of sailing steerable propellers rather than open or visit us online.

experience and a ? eet full of seasoned wheels. You will see highly advanced, merchant mariners to ensure that no ship double hull barges plying the waters with or barge is delayed. Having the custom- EPA tiered tugs with towering wheel- ers satis? ed and your crews going home houses. How is managing all this differ- safely after a week or more aboard is ent? It isn’t really. Coming to work for your success, while also being hopeful the last 35 years for a family company that it was executed properly so that it that understands we operate a 24/7/365 is pro? table. business that has a different challenge to meet every day has been a major learn-

New rules and regulation demand ing experience and a pleasure to be part investment. What’s on the horizon?

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