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The total COGES plant requires minimal RCN enjoys an impressive 99.85% aver- port and deployed) for 24/7 support, Australian Navy awarded a similar con- preventive maintenance. The LM2500 age gas turbine availability. GE provides overhaul services and parts inventory tract to GE for service support of the gas turbine itself requires only 300 man- dedicated ? eld representatives (home management. Just last year, the Royal RAN LM2500 gas turbine ? eet.

hours per year for preventive mainte- nance. Regular tasks include checking ? uid levels, changing ? lters and simple inspections to ensure proper operation – all easily performed by the ship’s crew.

Similar to the gas turbine, the generator set, heat recovery steam generator, steam turbine generator, fuel compressor and black start diesel all require only very light preventive maintenance. To per- form the infrequent corrective actions, ship technical staff needs only minimal training. The table on the previous page illustrates the requirements and frequen- cy for the on-ship maintenance routine of the COGES system.

Global Presence

To meet the needs of customers across the globe, GE maintains a robust inven- tory of spare engines and parts. An exten- sive network of GE authorized service providers ensures world-class support of

GE engines for decades to come. When overhaul is required — on average, af- ter 50,000 operating hours — rather than service in place as is the norm for diesels, the gas turbine is removed to a land-based facility for overhaul. The re- moved asset is replaced with a spare en- gine, all within 24 hours, so that the ship is quickly returned to revenue service.

The installed gas turbine is immediately ready for unrestricted service since no break-in period is required. Gas turbine removal is easily timed to coincide with scheduled ship maintenance. Thus GE’s maintenance philosophy, combined with high reliability and a compact, easy-to- remove design, yields increased ship availability.

Optimal Readiness

Buquebus, owner and operator of the

Buenos Aires-based fast ferry Francisco, entered into a 10-year Customized Ser- vice Agreement (CSA) with GE. The two dual-fuel powered LM2500 gas turbines (LNG and liquid) propel the world’s fastest commercial ship to more than 50 knots. A CSA tailored expressly for Francisco includes both scheduled

Photo a SkeetsÊ Photo Service and unscheduled maintenance, onsite ? eld service support, component repair and engine lease coverage.

GE provides total maintenance service for 24 LM2500 gas turbines powering the Royal Canadian Navy HALIFAX- class frigates. Under this in-service sup- port contract now in its 15th year, the 49

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