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Earl W. Redd: The First Tier 4 Tractor Tug in the U.S.

ate last month Harley Marine The vessel also features tow and bow monia, which is then absorbed by ce- towing winch is arranged to hold 2,500

Services accepted delivery winches by Markey and fendering by ramic bricks built into the engines. The ft. of 2.25-in. diameter wire rope on of its newest tractor tug, Earl Schuyler. The bow winch is specially technology reduces the amount of NOx, the starboard drum, and 1,500 ft. on

LW. Redd, a technically sig- designed for ship handling and escort particulate matter and hydrocarbons re- the port drum. Barrel layer perfor- ni? cant vessel in that it is the ? rst of its services. Auxiliary power comes from leased into the environment, and makes mance is rated at 193,000 lbs (87,500 kind: the ? rst Tier 4 tractor tug in the John Deere 125kW generators. the 120-ft. vessel one of the cleanest- kgs) at stall; 129,000 lbs (58500 kgs)

United States. Harley Marine namef the vessel af- running tugboats in terms of marine at 22 FPM (6.7 MPM); and 55,000 lbs

Earl W. Redd is equipped with Cat- ter Earl W. Redd, father of Diversi? ed emissions. (24900 kgs) at 43 FPM (13 MPM). The erpillar’s Tier 4 emissions technology Marine’s owner, Kurt Redd, was widely This is the ? rst of seven such tugs in brake has a maximum holding capacity and enters the ? eet as one of the most known and respected. Earl was a 32nd development by Jensen. “With six more of 645,000 lbs. (292500 kgs). P ef? cient and environmentally con- Mason and an athlete, playing baseball, Tier IV tugboat designs slated for re- owered by a 100 HP TENV inverter- scious vessels in the world, exceeding football, basketball, skiing, and gol? ng. lease soon, Jensen is leading the indus- duty electric motor controlled by a the toughest marine EPA standards. He even cleared the pool table, given try in the production of environmen- variable frequency drive, the winch can

Built at Diversi? ed Marine of Port- the opportunity, but the water and ? sh- tally friendly designs balanced with provide full torque at continuous stall. land, Oregon, the Earl W. Redd mea- ing were his true passion. high-quality performance,” said Johan The winch also includes a hydraulical- sures 120 x 35 ft., with a loaded draft Earl worked for Hyster and U.S. Sperling, Vice President, Jensen. “The ly powered emergency “come home” of 19.25 ft.. The tug features twin Cat Steel, but found his niche when he completion of this tug is a continuation drive motor in the event of electrical 3516 Tier 4 Final main engines that landed ? rmly and found his ? t at Hard- of our commitment to meet the indus- failure.

will each produce 2,675 hp at 1,600 er Mechanic al Contractors where he try’s demands for strong, yet nimble, The DEPC-48-50 hp bow hawser rpm. Each of the engines is paired with retired at 70. After retirement, Earl be- vessels with quality design.” winch will hold 500+ feet of nine inch a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) came part of the Diversi? ed team and A large pilot house provides all- Synthetic HMPE line in 8 layers. The after treatment system. SCR uses a a strong presence for the remaining 25 around visibility, and the deckhouse mid-drum (5th layer) performance rat- urea-based solution to reduce NOx con- years of his life. has an open feel with a large mess and ing is 22400 lbs (10100 kgs) at 100 tained in diesel exhaust down to nitro- lounge area along with accommoda- FPM (30 MPM). Light-line (high gen and water vapor. The main engines Designed by Jensen tions for a 10-person crew. speed) ranges from 107 to 291 FPM (32 will be paired with Rolls Royce US The Jensen Maritime-designed Earl to 88 MPM). Brake capacity exceeds 255-P30-FP azimuth thrusters deliver- W. Redd, the ? rst tractor tugboat in Plenty of Pull 612,000 lbs (277000 kgs). The winch ing an expected bollard pull capability America to enter service in compliance The tug is equipped with a Markey uses Markey’s proven Render/Recover of 75 tons. with the U.S. Environmental Protec- Machinery two-winch suite of equip- technology to allow tug positioning

The Earl W. Redd has a fuel capacity tion Agency (EPA)’s Tier IV environ- ment consisting of a Markey TESD- while automatically maintaining an ad- of 127,000 gallons and can carry 6,534 mental standards by use of a Selective 34B-100HP double drum electric justable inhaul/payout constant-tension gallons of water, 1,137 gallons of lube Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. A towing winch, and a DEPC-48-50HP on the line. It also includes a “Free- oil, 1,263 gallons of hydraulic oil and SCR system scrubs emissions by con- electric bow hawser winch with Ren- wheel” feature allowing for fast line 8,200 gallons of diesel exhaust urea. verting nitrogen oxide (NOx) into am- der/Recover. The TESD-34B-100 hp payout or emergency escape.

Earl W. Redd is a 120-ft. tractor tug equipped with Caterpillar’s

Tier 4 emissions technology.

The main engines will be paired with

Rolls Royce US 255-P30-FP azimuth thrusters delivering an expected bollard pull capability of 75 tons.

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