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Zeeduinweg 9 1361 BG Almere, The Netherlands


All Photos: CSMART hile much of the maritime world slumps, es of the latest cruise ships built for the Carnival Cor- the cruise sector is enjoying its most vibrant poration ? eet. There is also a safety center behind each

Wgrowth in a generation. Carnival Corpo- bridge replicating the onboard version.

ration, in particular, is doing very well as its ? nancial • 6 part-task bridges with 120 degrees horizontal ? eld performance is stronger than ever, with 2016 delivering of view and two part-task bridges of 180 degrees horizon- the best year of earnings in company history. The com- tal ? eld of view provide for speci? c operations training pany’s adjusted earnings for 2016 of $2.6 billion is the and assessment. Each bridge includes an interface with best annual ? nancial performance in its 44-year history. the onboard bridge system used on Carnival Corporation

With that, Hans Hederstrom, Managing Director give vessels. overview of CSMART, one of the newest and richly ap- • 7 Instructor control stations are used for monitor- pointed simulation centers on the planet. ing and control.

• 4 de-brie? ng rooms one for each full mission simu- lator. The CSMART Academy also uses modeling station


Carnival Corporation’s CSMART Academy has imple- with the Transas Model Wizard and Virtual Shipyard soft- mented a training environment concept in collaboration ware to edit and create our own sailing areas and ship with the Transas Integrated Full Mission Simulation solu- models while leveraging the full value of Transas simula- tion. tion R&D capabilities.


The simulators provide a wide array of programming Technical simulator (TechSim) environment: and simulated exercises for various maritime scenarios. • 4 full mission engine room simulators


Working with the CSMART Academy team, Transas de- • 12 sets of virtual machinery space stations veloped 12 cruise ship models and delivered 60 sailing • 2 high voltage training systems

Managing areas and ports around the world, including Los Angeles, • 2 engine room simulator classrooms (12 stations

New York, Miami, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Singapore each)

Director of and Glacier Bay, Alaska that are speci? c for Carnival • 4 debrie? ng stations and rooms.


Corporation’s vessel operations. In collaboration with the CSMART Academy team,

Nautical simulator environment: Transas developed three cruise ship engine models with • 4 full mission bridges with a 220 degrees horizon- different propulsion systems, including a virtual replica of tal ? eld of view and with two additional sets of bridge ship automation systems.

wings with dome projections, each with a 180 degree The TechSim model uses the high tech ‘gami? cation’ ? eld of view. The simulator bridges replicate the bridg- with 3D engine compartments walk-through and usage 60 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2017

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