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Crane arrival day is always dramatic, as attested here by a recent shipment to the Port of Belle Hall Elementary School ? fth-grade students Jacob Blackburn

Tampa Bay. and Annabelle Horton receive their award for naming our two new cranes.

be able to service ships carrying up to business strategy. In turn it continues itself a supply chain; all its own. one wants to get left behind is the un- 20,000 twenty-foot equivalent contain- to dominate that markets that it serves. The success or failure of that kind of believably competitive quest to get, keep ers (TEUs). Prior to this crane raise, the That’s because STS cranes aren’t just operation can be the ‘make or break’ for and grow TEU market share. For its part, largest vessels that could be serviced necessary equipment anymore. In fact, any port or terminal in the fast moving ZPMC makes sure that doesn’t happen, at the Port of Los Angeles were 13,000 the process of acquiring or shedding one world of bigger ships, demanding ship- all in one neatly packaged turnkey op-

TEUs. The scope of work also includes is a carefully planned event – in and of ping alliances and deeper channels. No eration.

installing a new energy-ef? cient LED lighting system, forestay repairs, and re-

Innovation | Safety | Performance positioning of all 10 cranes.

Meet Us


Looking Ahead: New Toys, Better Ser-

Houston USA


Booth 1015 vice

As good as its performance has been over the course of the past 12 months,

ZPMC is always looking to improve its service signature. That effort includes making sure its crews have the best equipment available to speed the jobs along even faster. To that end, ZPMC

Crane Services recently acquired a sec- ond specially designed jacking system

DIRECT DAMAGE STABILITY that offers a signi? cant speed advantage

TM during a crane raise. Because the jacking

TM & CargoMax system is built on the dock rather than the crane’s sill beam, it does not need to be disassembled between cranes. A com- pleted crane can be moved out of the

USER DRIVEN | ENDORSED WORLDWIDE: Herbert-ABS way leaving 90 percent of the structure


CargoMax systems with the Direct Damage Stability intact. This approach can speed up the option have been approved by IACS Classifcation process by as much as a week for each

Societies for decades. Meet the new IMO MARPOL, IBC, crane. Beyond this, the ? rm also pur- chased 16 new Self-Propelled Modular BC, GC & IGC requirements for mandatory verifcation

Transporter (SPMT) trailers for current instruments onboard new and existing tankers. and future work.

It is these kinds of decisions – and oth- er like them – that dominate the ZPMC 73

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