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Meet Asia’s First



Ferry he Taiwanese harbor city of than waiting until a vessel’s service life

Kaohsiung has launched a ends, harbor cities (get) silent electric new hybrid electric ferry, powertrains that are more ef? cient, can

Twhich could revolution- halve fuel costs and emit no fumes or ize marine passenger transport across oil pollution.” the region by curbing greenhouse and Kaohsiung’s new e-ferry, Ferry Hap- diesel emissions. Kaohsiung recently piness, will halve daily fuel consump- “Harbor cities (get) silent electric pow- re-launched the popular Cijian Is- tion while transporting 15,000 pas- land passenger ferry, retro? tted with sengers every day to Cijian Island, a ertrains that are more ef? cient, can a Visedo electric propulsion system, popular tourist destination in Taiwan, replacing the original diesel engine. It at a top speed of nine knots.

halve fuel costs and emit no fumes or heralds Asia’s ? rst hybrid electric ferry Launching from berth every 15 min- and, if successful, the Kaohsiung City utes, the ferry will help share the eight oil pollution.”

Government plans to retro? t the rest of million passengers who travel the its diesel ? eet to help reduce pollution 650m route every year. It’s estimated Kimmo Rauma, levels around Taiwan’s largest harbour. the electric propulsion will save more

Visedo OY, a leading Finnish man- than 25,000lt of fuel every year.

CEO, Visedo ufacturer of electric drivetrains for Visedo retro? tted the 100-ton, 23m- marine vessels, commercial vehicles long vessel with an electric system to and heavy duty applications, worked replace the original 300hp diesel en- alongside Taiwan’s Ship and Ocean gine. The powertrain was designed to

Industries R&D Center, also known as ensure pure electric cruising for half

SOIC, to complete the retro? t. the ferry’s operation time and, with fast “Given the geography, ferries are a shore charging, this pure electric per- vital mode of public transport across centage can be higher.

East and Southeast Asia but they are “Taiwan’s ‘Harbor Capital’ has long also the most energy intensive per ki- suffered from air pollution and only a lometer travelled. Until now, diesel few years ago the average person was ferries have been a dirty but necessary consuming double the national Taiwan part of life around harbors like Kaoh- average of carbon dioxide,” said Chih- siung,” said Kimmo Rauma, CEO, Hung Lin, Head of SOIC’s System De-

Visedo. “In Hong Kong for example, velopment. “In response the Kaoshi- passenger ferries make up the majority ung City Government is committed to of licensed vessels in Victoria Harbor, cleaning up its ? eet and is currently where it’s estimated air pollution kills considering the possibility of replacing about 3,200 people every year. all 11 of its vessels with this new type “Visedo has developed a cost-effec- of e-ferry. This also includes embark- tive and ef? cient alternative, so rather ing on a hybrid tug-boat project.” 76 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2017

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