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The Penguin is a unique symbol for Jotun, ever present in the coatings world. (Photo: Jotun) to include dynamic surface is not sailing and, therefore, extend the hull and propeller performance measure- is a new biocide-free fouling control regeneration properties. possible idle days. ment. The new global ISO 19030 Ships coating developed by AkzoNobel’s Ma-

These allow water to act Suitable for application at newbuild and Marine Technology - Measurement rine Coatings business. Offering fuel and as a catalyst to lower and dry dockings, the products are de- of changes in hull and propeller perfor- CO2 savings of up to 6 %, the new prod- the surface energy of signed for all vessel types and speeds, mance was ? nalized in 2016 following uct – part of the company’s Internation- the coating back to Visser added, and they are particularly three years of development by a wide al range – is the ? rst fouling control coat- its original state and effective for slow steaming because of range of industry stakeholders including ing to be based on Lanion technology. thus restart its ben- the engineered oil binder composition. coating and propeller manufacturers, ac- The patented technology incorporates e? cial surface con- MarineLine 784 from Advanced ademics, ship owners and data analysts. bio-renewable raw material that helps ? guration proper- Polymer Coatings is a premier cargo It enables ship owners and operators to to deliver enhanced vessel performance, ties.” tank coating system available for chemi- compare hull and propeller solutions, so that hulls coated with Intersleek 1000

Also on dis- cal and product carriers, and the only and select the most ef? cient option for maintain an ultra-smooth surface, reduc- play was SIG- high performance lining that withstands their vessels and ? eets. ing drag and lowering fuel consumption

MASHIELD all IMO approved chemical cargoes. AkzoNobel’s engagement program is and emissions. The long-term fouling

MTC system, The coating was featured on Ternsund, designed to simplify the complexities control performance of Intersleek 1000 which is built on the cover subject of Maritime Reporter of ISO 19030, explaining the principles is equivalent to a self-polishing copo- a unique coat- & Engineering News’ December 2016 and values of the standard, and clarify- lymer (SPC) coating. In addition, when ing technology Great Ships of the Year feature. The coat- ing the appetite for its take-up within the compared with SPC coatings, Intersleek that comprises a ing is designed to provide the shipowner market. AkzoNobel played a role in the 1000 delivers smoother ? lms upon ap-

SIGMASHIELD with maximum durability and ? exabili- development of all parts of ISO 19030. plication, leading to lower hull rough-

PRIME undercoat ty, allowing the greatest sequencing pos- In other company news, Intersleek 1000 ness and improved vessel ef? ciency. and SIGMASHIELD sibilities and the opportunity to carry the

MTC topcoat. De- most pro? table cargoes.

signed for the cargo The MarineLine cargo tank coating has holds of dry bulk carriers, been applied to more than 700 maritime the system features a chem- chemical and product tankers, covering

SHIPOWNER VIEWPOINT istry designed to maximize more than 10 million square meters of technical performance and offer surface.

a commercially sound solution for The tanker and cargo range is truly a

Tryggve Möller, Managing Director, spot and full repairs as well as for ap- hallmark of the company, as ships coated

Terntank Ship Management AB, says plication at newbuild. with MarineLine 784 have carried thou-

SIGMA SAILADVANCE RX and GX sands of different chemicals, includ- coatings by PPG are based on advanced ing acids, caustics, solvents, inorganic has SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY technologies developed and patented by chemicals and edible oils, with some

PPG that generate low friction, linear tankers changing their chemical cargoes polishing, improved idle time tolerance up to 85 voyages a year.

and fuel savings. The self-release binder APC’s MarineLine coating withstands technology is based on Controlled Sur- the stresses of twisting and bending in face Active Polymers (CSPs) that act on rough seas while resisting temperature the coating/water interface as a lubricant, extremes of the cold Baltic winters to the which supports laminar ? ow, thereby hot Middle East summers.

lowering the hull friction when the ship AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Busi- is sailing. In addition, these CSPs create ness launched a new shipping industry a “slippery surface” that will increase engagement program to support the the resistance to fouling when the ship adoption of ISO 19030, standard for

New & Notable

Our ? eet of 4 new tankers, all

Fleet Cleaner Completes First Hull Cleaning employing the latest technologies,

Fleet Cleaner has completed its ? rst hull cleaning trial, removing fouling of the ves- “ sel by using a hull cleaning ROV. Both under- and above water cleaning was per- represents the future of formed by the robot. The use of controllable high pressure waterjets prevents coat- shipping. That includes the ing damage during the process. ®

MarineLine cargo tank coating,

Carboline Celebrates 70, Re-Opens Upgraded R&D Facility with the best tank surface for easily

Carboline’s St.Louis-based R&D facility went through several upgrades. The re- switching cargoes.

opening also kicks off a yearlong series of celebrations for their 70th Anniversary.

Carboline produces high quality performance coatings, linings and ? reproo? ng prod- ” ucts in more than 20 manufacturing facilities around the world. ‘Ternsund’ Named One of the Great Ships of 2016! See

Advanced Polymer Coatings

New Literature Details Stronghold Coatings

Avon, Ohio 44011 U.S.A.

Stronghold Coatings’ brochure details polymer and thermal spray solutions to repair, +01 440-937-6218 Phone rebuild and improve the performance of mission critical components. The brochure +01 440-937-5046 Fax introduces Dichtol capillary sealers, MM 1018 on-site repair technology, PlasticMet- al polymer-bound metal repair materials and the RepaCoat family of repair products. 81

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