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VT Halter

Carnival Maritime


Dawson Socha Miliaras Johansen Moensi


Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding


Seafarers’ House

Total Lubmarine

Another busy winter for Fincantieri Bay Laborde to distribute

Joore Swartz Hubert

Shipbuilding (FBS) in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Bukh engines.

low sulphur regulations by supplying it ed new manufacturing buildings and ad-

Palau Ship Registry Opens Piraeus HQ with LNG, 0.5 percent sulphur fuel and ditional computer-aided manufacturing

D D D D D D D D D D D D Dry D Dock k C Conf ference e e e e e 3.5 percent sulphur fuels for use in ships equipment. The shipyard is equipped The Palau International Ship Registry

May 5-6, 2017, Houston installed with scrubbers. The agreement with a 7,000-ton ? oating dry-dock and (PISR) has opened a new head of? ce in

Dry Dock Conference/Advance ed d d d d d d d d d also covers the supply of lubes suitable two graving docks along with lifting Piraeus, Greece.

7 Tr T T T T T T T Training Forum 2017 is the ninth i in n n n n n n n for all fuel types. capacity to meet the most demanding a a a a a a a a a series of international conference es s s s s s s

Radio Holland, Cisco Partner requirement.

he h h h h h h h held every 2-3 years. This year’s con n n- - - - - -

Radio Holland Group has signed a stra-

Seafarers’ House to Honor Swartz fe fe f f f f f f ference will be held May 5-6 , 2017 i in n n n n n n n

Jan Swartz, group president of Princess tegic agreement with American ICT

ABS Issues First Cyber Safety Notation

H H H H H H H H H Houston, immediately following th he e e e e e e e

Cruises and Carnival Australia, has been ABS issued its ? rst notation for the company Cisco. The aim of the coopera-

O O O O O O O O O Offshore Technology Conference. selected as recipient of the Seafarers’ ABS Guide for Cybersecurity Imple- tion is to help accelerate digitization in

The goal of the conference is t to o o o o o o o

House International Golden Compass mentation for the marine and offshore the maritime sector by developing and ed e e e e e e e educate and provide technologica a a al l l l l

Award for 2017. As president of Prin- Industries. “The focus on cyber safety offering maritime ICT solutions such as u u u u u u u u up pdates to personnel in the dry doc ck k k k k k k k k cess Cruises, Swartz oversees a global is increasing, and that is changing the remote monitoring and diagnostics ser- n n n in i i i i industry. The papers and presentation ns s s s s s s cruise line and tour company with a ? eet expectations industry has for classi? - vices, data management and networks co c c c c c c c cover a broad spectrum of topics deal l- - - - - - of 18 ships that carry 1.8 million pas- cation services,” said ABS Chairman, on board. Dennis Mol, Chief Operations n n n in i i i i ing with a multitude of issues facin ng g g g g g g g sengers annually. The company is part President and CEO, Christopher J. Wi- Of? cer at the Radio Holland Group, said, h h h th t t t t the dry dock community. Profession n n- - - - - - of Carnival Corporation & plc. ernicki.” ABS is ahead of the curve in “In a challenging maritime market it is al a a a a a a a als from around the globe will shar re e e e e e e e tackling this fast moving challenge, Radio Holland’s drive to keep ? nding h h h th t t t t their endeavors in planning, ? nancing g g g, , , , ,

Brunswick Promotes Hubert creating actionable guidance and help- and developing solutions that reduce the pe p p p p p p p p permitting, designing, constructing g g g, , , , ,

Brunswick Commercial & Government ing clients protect themselves against ‘cost of ownership’ of vessels and im- o o o o o o o o op perating, and maintaining dry doc ck k k k k k k k k

Products (BCGP) has promoted Jeff cyber threats.” The ABS CyberSafety prove the ef? ciency of ship’s operations. fa fa f f f f f f facilities. Conference attendees wil l ll l l l l

Hubert to director of sales, responsible program is aimed at mitigating the risk If a ship can’t sail because of technical e e le l l l l leave with a greater understanding o of f f f f f f f f f for product development initiatives and of cybersecurity-related conditions or problems, the costs incurred are sub- h h h th t t t t the challenges faced by the industr ry y y y y y y y worldwide business development. incidents that could negatively affect stantial. Our customers are looking for an a a a a a a a and gain valuable insight into how t to o o o o o o o operations. Awarding the CS1 notation innovative ways to make and keep the o o o o o o o o ov vercome them.

Another Busy Winter for FBS (Asset, Basic-level, Informed Cyberse- operations of their ? eet more reliable,

The Dry Dock Conference is th he e e e e e e e

The winter repair season is in full swing curity Implementation) is a signi? cant ef? cient and effective. Together with n n n in i i i i international platform and the lead d d- - - - - - at Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS) industry ? rst and underscores ABS’ our partner Cisco and with our comple- n n n in i i i i ing forum for the world’s drydockin ng g g g g g g g in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., where 16 vessels leadership in addressing cybersecurity. mentary expertise, we can develop scal- n n n in i i i i industry. This is where the Dry Doc ck k k k k k k k k of various sizes from the Great Lakes able ICT solutions for various types of

C C C C C C C C C Community leaders present their in n n- - - - - - bulk carrier ? eet are in for winter repair,

Laborde to Distribute BUKH in the U.S.

ships and market segments. We aim to n n n n n n n n no ovations, trends and forward lookin ng g g g g g g g including ? ve 1,000-foot bulk carriers, Laborde Products was selected as translate 100 years of Radio Hollands e e te t t t t technologies to set the course for fu u u- - - - - - eight medium sized ships 600-700 feet BUKH Diesel Marine Distributor for experience into the right ‘dashboards’, u u u tu t t t t ture success. The conference provide es s s s s s s long and three tugs. The scope of the re- the United States marine market. The creating useful information which will a a a a a a a a a venue to learn about new products s s s, , , , , pairs is as wide as the variety of ships announcement was made January 1, allow our customers to optimize their se s s s s s services, and generate vital contacts s s s. . . .

at dock and include vessel repowering 2017. BUKH has produced marine en- operations and to give them optimal

T T T T T T T T The immensely successful series o of f f f f f f f f f from steam propulsion to diesel, steel gines since the beginning of 1899, and support. Radio Holland sees opportu- co c c c c c c c conferences has consistently drawn a an n n n n n n n and piping repairs, bulkhead renewals, with more than 100 years of experience nities to improve the unlocking of data n n n in i i i i international audience of profession n n- - - - - - machinery inspection and repairs, ex- their marine engines have developed on board in line with the trend of the al a a a a a a a als who come to share their knowl l- - - - - - haust scrubber installation, painting and into being the most reliable in the world. ‘Internet of Things’ and to optimize the ed e e e e e e e edge and learn from the experience es s s s s s s regulatory inspections. They provide retailers all over the world data connection between ship and shore. of o o o o o o o of others.

Helping the yard to perform this work of which most are specially trained to With our knowhow in maintenance pro- on a tight schedule, a three-acre expan- counsel and render service on the ma- cesses we are also continuing to develop sion to the now 55-acre shipyard includ- rine engines of BUKH. predictive maintenance concepts.” 89

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