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Employment born Gibraltar and the new Sunborn London at Royal Month) or negotiable and We shall take care of your

Yacht Hotel Work Offer

Victoria Dock. In 2015 the ? rst ? oating casino, Casino Transportation expenses, Accommodation, feeding and

Sunborn International

Sunborn, was opened onboard the Sunborn Gibraltar. a month training on arrival if needed.

Salary: $ 6,500 GBP to 10,500 GBP , Full Time , Com-

Superyachts have become the world’s ultimate symbol Below are the list of position available for your to apply pany Employee of wealth and exclusivity. The unique yacht hotel concept for with salary assign to them.

Category: Shipboard Of? cer / Personnel / Crew

Job Location: Royal Victoria Dock London, London, E16 combines the high value associated with luxury yachts Captain: 10,500 GBP Mate, 9,500 GBP Engineer, 10,000 and a modern hotel. At the same time, they have the GBP 1st Engineer, 9,500 GBP Skipper, 9,500 GBP Chef, 1XL United Kingdom advantage of leaving no environmental footprint after 9,000 GBP Stewardess, 6,500 GBP Deckhand, 7,500


Royal Victoria Dock London, London, E16 1XL United removal and can be sited on locations with no available GBP land for building or which are naturally or historically Specialty Positions: salary Varies depending on your

Kingdom protected. speciality Kindly get back to us and let us know the posi-


Hello, Sunborn is the pioneer of a unique approach to We cruise all around United Kingdom, We are looking for tion you want to apply for and also send in your CV to re- the development of exclusive hotel accommodation – high performing leader to help us meet us our customer Recruiter William Sherlock Sunborn the super yacht hotel. In 1998 we built the world’s ? rst acquisition and revenue growth target by keeping our Cruise Ship 5 GAINSFORD STREET, LONDON, SE1 2NE yacht hotel, followed in 2003 by our ? rst international company competitive and innovative. United Kingdom Sunborn International London yacht hotel in London. In the spring of 2014 we opened Job Salary: Depending on your roll of specialization,

Salary Ranging from 6,500 GBP to 10,500 GBP (Per two new yacht hotels, the 5-star super yacht hotel Sun-



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