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“Digitization coupled with domain knowledge is essential in helping to man- age the information overload and make sense of the data.

Digitization is also a core ele- ment that will help to better manage the loss of experi- enced workers going forward.

It keeps information, knowl- edge and experience available to a larger audience.”

Photo: DNV GL

World Energy @ a Glance

When asked to identify world regions that are most vibrant today, Elisabeth

Tørstad, CEO, DNV GL - Oil & Gas, said: • North America has great potential.

You have a competent and experienced workforce; you have the availability of drilling rigs and steel; and you have the resources to pursue the conven- tional and unconventional plays. • Norway continues to be an offshore upstream player. • There is still a big question mark about the European Union’s gas strat- egy. The EU has a huge potential to have a very cost-ef? cient energy sys-

Thrustmaster’s line of Z-drive azimuthing thrusters are trusted to endure the demanding tem with a combination of renewables

ÐŽYEsOŽY?ŽIwG?sÐA??sYuAYE?AlG??A???dS???lwA?lG?UYŽ??AYE?YEG??lAYE?d?Ž?Y and gas. However, right now, they are ?AlG?AÐÐusÐAOŽY??&Ž?wŽ?GlSAY???GA???dS???lwA?lG?SA?dGGYd?suEsYOd?Ž?Y a bit back and forth on their gas strat- ?AlG?Ð?ŽÐ?u?sŽYG??sÐwGYl?Ous?sYOwG?sÐAYsYOGY?sl?AYEÐŽY?G?|AO|GEG?sOY egy.

standards with ample safety margins. Thrustmaster Z-drives are designed and built in • In Asia, there is big potential for the ,Ž??lŽY?dG?A?lŽuA?lG|GYsYlSGSA??SG?lŽÐG?AOYOGY|s?ŽYwGYl??lS?Ž?OSlSG??GŽI expansion of gas as a fuel but, how-


ever the progress is slow. As a result, d???ldS???lwA?lG?lŽEGus|G?lSGÐ?ŽÐ?u?sŽY?Žu?OŽYAYE??ÐÐŽ?lIŽ??Ž??|G??Gu?

you see the continued use of, and in- Contact: Zach Hughbanks - Inland Waterways Sales Manager Mobile: 713-449-6494 vestment in, coal. 21

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