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Photo: Kongsberg Digital “With the cloud, you have in? nite com- puting power. All you need is internet access and a browser”

Kristian Moeller, Kongsberg CTO, a Ph.D and holder of patents munities, too — “public and private” Advantage Kongsberg software or operating systems. Above search of a digital advantage for its key — are seen using, at least, the Cloud “to While Kognifai includes a catalog these, the Cloud is the great enabler industries. Part of that strategy includes safely collect data and store them on the of apps, analytical “solutions” and ap- and key to Kognifai, as it has been for a focus on autonomous shipping, the platform for further analysis and utiliza- plication protocol (or program) inter- ABB’s Ability platform or others’ design ? rst projects of which are about to make tion”. A signi? cant bene? t for business faces — so-called APIs — vendors, or condition-monitoring. What separates their commercial debuts. “Now we can and academia is said to be the ability to too, are offered “a marketplace” under out Kognifai, it seems, is the chance it do autonomous ships (and autonomous work out the implications of otherwise the Kognifai umbrella. Meanwhile, all offers users to “build your own app” or underwater vehicles) on a grand scale,” costly tactile planning on the “digital Kongsberg businesses and their subsid- use a choice of others’ coded products to says Moeller, who enthusiastically rams twin” of an oil platform, a wind turbine, iaries, too, can “consume (a media term) not just design and manage but to teach home the “front-end loading” possible a propulsion system — or installations platform services” or “contribute to the or analyze third-party data. with the Kognifai Cloud. He’s clearly ashore. Kognifai’s limits aren’t yet de- platform development” in open-source For Kongsberg’s brain trust, Kognifai one of the minds behind Kongsberg’s ? ned. The number and type of potential operating-system style. The prolifera- is the culmination of a digitalizing, ma- superlative-sounding learning machine. commercial and non-commercial users tion of learning SIM, for which Kognifai chine-learning drive that began in 2014, “With the Cloud we can manage (and seem boundless. is the ultimate platform, has only been or around the start of a parallel drive teach others to manage) autonomous op- outpaced by the spread of open-source by Oslo to revamp industrial policy in erations.” 28 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JULY 2017

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