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tion required for a client to make an in- rival predictions and noti? cations formed business decision, or integrated • AIS message creation and manage- with another operational system in sup- ment in support of e-Navigation port of business activities.

We understand that AIS data serves as

S G BHAFT ROUNDING RUSHES the base source for much of your data.

Given that, can you describe the actual

AIS data is free; what value/analytics

GateHouse Maritime product or ser- does Gatehouse bring to the equation?

vice … the deliverable?

Are stray electrical currents destroying your Yes, AIS data can be received by an GateHouse offers solutions to mari- bearings and seals?

entity free of charge. However, there are time authorities (commercial and mili- issues. First is geographic coverage. An ?S ELF CLEANING tary), port operators, offshore and subsea

AIS receiver usually receives messages asset owners/operators and vessel opera- ?O PERATE DRY OR IN OIL tors. To meet the needs of this diverse from vessels, base stations or Aids to


Navigation at a maximum range of 20- range of maritime users, GateHouse of- ?L ITTLE OR NO MAINTENANCE fers the ghMaritime suite of products 25 Nm (depending on the environment). ?C AN BE SERVICED DURING OPERATION and services. These include ghMaritime If there is a need for vessel data outside ?C AN ALSO TRANSMIT INSTRUMENT SIGNALS FROM ROTOR WITHOUT

Monitor, ghMaritime Port, ghMaritime of the range of a terrestrial AIS receiver

SPECIAL SLIPRINGS or network of receivers, satellite AIS is

Arrival, ghMaritime Analytics, ghMari- most likely needed. GateHouse can of- time Offshore and ghMaritime Intelli- gence. The functionalities delivered by fer this worldwide AIS data coverage in near real-time and has many years of his- the ghMaritime suite include: torical data online used for analytics and • Tracking, monitoring and control of statistics generation.

maritime traf? c

GateHouse’s expertise is in the man- • Real-time arrival noti? cations for agement and structuring of this data, so vessels and trucks (supply chain logis- that information can be extracted from tics) • Advanced statistical analysis and it, and this information delivered to the client in an automated fashion. The de-

SOHRE TURBOMACHINERY reports, including risk management tools ® • Event detection and WatchDogs in livery of timely, appropriate and accu- rate information is necessary to drive support of asset monitoring and protec- :::62+5(785%2&20?,1)2#62+5(785%2&20 client’s decision making processes. tion 3+?0216210$66$&+86(77686$

GateHouse removes the analysis burden • Routing and Estimated Time of Ar- 31

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