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up the ? rst training courses, with per- start thinking about ? re safety and water measured by the amount of cooperation

Once you decided to go ahead with the sonal certi? cation by a Noti? ed Body,f tightness after an accident has happened. that is realized once the industry is aware project, how did you start to implement ollowed by ? eld inspection for an in- People ask themselves ‘why did we do that the current system needs an update. it and whom did you approach to help dustrial complex. Sealing tech- it that way?’ Our goal is to have install- Improving installations and long-term you ‘get it off the ground’?

nology is also of importance for many ers, engineers and everybody else who is performance in the worst of conditions At the start this project, we will other markets. Energy, water and waste- involved in the sealing technology busi- will be the ultimate result.

build up a team of professionals working water, building and construction, and in- ness think about the consequences be-

How do you see Sealing Valley growing nonstop on Sealing Valley. This multi- frastructure are just a few of the sectors fore starting any operations. The safety and the concept developing in the fu- functional team, with expertise ranging that we also want to cover. Of course, we chain is a long one and starts in the R&D ture? Would you be willing to promote from building and construction to me- want to cooperate with others: it’s in the labs of companies, moving through test- the idea to other industries?

chanical engineering and from materi- nature of Sealing Valley. ing, approving and certifying the system als management to marketing, will be However, this requires means that to the ? nal application in the ? eld. There able to educate and train not only our all parties must be focused on the same are many parties involved in this pro- We see a great future for an initiative own task force, but also engineers, in- objectives: creating a safer place to work cess: owners, yards, surveyors, installers such as this. We feel it as an obligation to stallers and new staff. This team should and live by raising the standards for ? re- and many more. We will develop educa- the market and to society to contribute be able to communicate with those in- safe, smoke and watertight sealing tech- tional programs that not only increase to safety. And, based on the response re- volved with procedures and certi? cation nology. their knowledge of sealing technology ceived so far, there is enormous interest to establish the basis for developing an but that will also enable these parties to in Sealing Valley. Exporting the concept

How will Sealing Valley educate the understanding of safety awareness. The understand each other’s perspective and could be an option, but we would rather industry about shipboard safety and team is initially headed by myself and I their role in the safety chain. ? rst make this a big success before ex- what educational programs will it put feel excited every day that we are work- porting it to other areas. Sealing Valley in place? How will the success of the project be ing on this project. And let us hope that is an ambitious project based on a sense monitored?

once the basics are in place, the project of reality and on the recognition that the will be taken over by others. Ultimately, The basis for the educational pro- current situation regarding safety is not it is all about sharing knowledge and ca- gram will be our wealth of know-how In the short term, the success of optimal. We are free from politics, and pabilities to bring about improvements. and experience. This covers all theo- Sealing Valley will be monitored by can move swiftly in a refreshing way. At retical and practical aspects of sealing recording the amount of training that the same time, we invite decision- and technology. We want to create better we give. However, what’s more impor- policymakers to engage with us so that

How did you determine what funding awareness of regulations and standards tant is its success in the long term. We a broader platform will become avail- would be needed and where did you and the impact of these on daily instal- want to raise awareness and know-how able for increasing safety for those who get this from? How will the project be lation practice by sharing this knowl- of ? re safety and water tightness, so in frequently brave the oceans away from funded going forward?

edge. The situation now is that people that sense the project’s success will be their loved ones.

Ever since I started in this busi- ness, I have had one philosophy: make sure we stay ? nancially independent.

So far we have succeeded in this. Even in times of recession we have been able to invest in the future. When I launched my plans for Sealing Valley I expected that no bank would be prepared to get on board. This is why we will fund Sealing

Valley, our investment in a safer future, privately, from start to ? nish.

Can you explain the concept in more detail? How, in practical terms, will it achieve its goals? Are any of its objec- tives focused speci

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