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Arneson Surface Drives Enhanced


Twin Disc announced an expansion to its line of the helmsman to focus on safe navigation. MasterTrim

Arneson Surface Drives, as select models now interface will be available on Arneson ASD08, ASD10, ASD11, with MasterTrim, an automated trim control system. By ASD12 and ASD14 models starting in 2018.

use of exacting sensors, the programmable MasterTrim Arneson Surface Drives feature a surface-piercing control system automatically adjusts the position of design. The drive’s skeg and propeller blades are the

Arneson Surface Drives and trim tabs or interceptors only components to contact the water. This is designed

Ultra-Silent for maximum ef? ciency and performance. It has op- to reduce underwater drag by 50%.

Propulsion for RV erator selectable modes to ? ne-tune trimming response based on sea conditions and vessel loading—freeing Wärtsilä will supply an ultra-silent propulsion package for a new research vessel to be built for the Faroe Islands Marine Research Institute.

The vessel is being built at the MEST shipyard in the Faroes.

The ability to create a propulsion solution that signi? cantly limits underwater radiated noise (URN) and which meets the DNV Silent

R notation, was a key factor in the award of this contract to Wärtsilä. By enabling the vessel to sail with very little URN, the Wärtsilä solution will facilitate the ability of the research person- nel onboard to carry out their tasks with greater effectiveness. The 54m ship will be powered by a pair of eight-cylinder Wärtsilä 20 engines and will have a silent Wärtsilä ? xed pitch pro- peller and complete shaft line. The solution is very compact, which results in reduced acoustic signals.

John Deere Rolls Out New Marine Engine Trio

John Deere Power Systems has expand- diesel engine.

ed its lineup with three new marine en- Also new from John Deere Power gines available for order from early 2018. Systems, the new 6090HFM85 and

The new 4.5L PowerTech 4045SFM85 6135HFM85 marine engines are designed offers high power to weight ratio for re- for radiator-cooled marine gen-set and powering and new vessel construction, auxiliary applications. The 6090HFM85 ideal for planing and semi-displacement is rated for variable speed at 242 kW hulls, according to the manufacturer. It (325 hp) at 2,000 rpm and for genera- has two ratings for light-duty commercial tor drive and constant speed auxiliary at vessels, high-speed governmental ap- 262 kW (351 hp) at 1,800 rpm, while the plications and high-speed pleasure craft, 6135HFM85 is rated for variable speed at which includes an M4 rating with 205 373 kW (500 hp) at 2,000 rpm and for a kW (275 hp) at 2,600 rpm and M5 rating generator drive and constant speed aux- with 235 kW (315 hp) at 2,800 rpm. iliary at 458 kW (614 hp) at 1,800 rpm.

The 4045SFM85 propulsion engine rat- The new marine engines are well-suited ings will meet U.S. Environmental Pro- for gen-set, constant speed and variable tection Agency (EPA) Marine Tier 3 and speed auxiliary applications, particularly

Recreational Craft Directive II emissions when wet manifolds and marine soci- regulations, as well as International Mar- ety classi? cation certi? cates are desired itime Organization (IMO) Tier II stan- or required. The ratings of both engines dards for commercial and recreational meet U.S. EPA Marine Tier 3 emissions applications. The engine is pending ap- regulations and are compliant with IMO proval by American Bureau of Shipping Tier II standards for commercial applica- (ABS), DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register and tions. The engines are type approved by

Bureau Veritas and will be the only ABS- ABS. certi? ed, 315 hp, four-cylinder in-board 4045SFM85 102 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • NOVEMBER 2017

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