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The Quest to Find the USS Indianapolis (Continued from page 111) bandwidth data channels: Gigabit Ether- is property of the U.S. Navy. discovery. “As Americans, we all owe a measure of closure at this discovery so net; Serial Data; “To be able to honor the brave men debt of gratitude to the crew for their long in coming.” • Dual Titan 4 manipulators: Iso- of the USS Indianapolis and their fami- courage, persistence and sacri? ce in the lated hydraulic supply; and lies through the discovery of a ship that face of horrendous circumstances. While Acknowledgements • 18 kW tooling hydraulic sys- played such a signi? cant role during our search for the rest of the wreckage Special thanks to Carl Barrett and the tem: Operator adjustable ? ow and pres- World War II is truly humbling,” Mr. Al- will continue, I hope everyone con- team at 3U Technologies, LLC.

sure len said in a press release announcing the nected to this historic ship will feel some

Barrett explained that the Petrel ROV serves primarily as a camera and survey sensor platform that must maintain a no- touch policy out of respect for the hal- lowed wreck sites it typically explores. “The vehicle system must provide a stable platform with excellent station keeping capabilities for close proximity video work, have a powerful propulsion system to combat currents impacting both the ROV and the entire 6,000 meter umbilical length, provide the operators with outstanding situational awareness

A unique business platformfor and operate reliably and ef? ciently for extended durations,” he said.

the global shipping industry

Also instrumental to the mission was the OPENSEA operating platform from

Greensea, which “provided a stable,

VISITORS 22000, automated operating platform for ac- quisition of stunning video sequences,

EXHIBITING COMPANIES 1825, created operational ef? ciencies which

COUNTRIES minimized operator task loading and 101 dramatically simpli? ed integration of a large suite of camera and sensor pack-

Welcomed by the owners of a fleet ages into a coherent and intuitive opera- of over 4 000 vessels , tor interface,” Barrett said. “Greensea’s data management and ar- chival system provides ease of access to a wealth of data (past and present) such that operators can maintain situational awareness and monitor vehicle health with minimum effort to maintain focus on mission goals.”

Synchronized pilot and co-pilot chairs allowed vehicle control and navigation to be switched between pilots, complete with touchscreen displays to support si- multaneous operation of lights, cameras, positioning and hydraulics. The system even included an automated ascent and descent for the umbilical winch that en- abled pilots to automatically synchro- nize ROV depths.

“Greensea’s OPENSEA control sys- tem is crucial to our success for extreme deep diving operations. Never before have I experienced an ROV control en- vironment as uni? ed, con? gurable or in- tegrated as this one,” Kraft said.

4-8 June 2018

With help from some of the most capa-

Metropolitan Expo, Athens Greece ble and advanced equipment available, the Vulcan team located the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis on August 19, resting 5,500 meters below the surface in the Philippine Sea where it will remain undisturbed as a naval war grave. The wreck’s exact location was provided to the U.S. Navy exclusively, as the wreck 119

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