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Gerd Wessels, Wessels Reederei oices

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Going ‘Green & Lean’ in Germany with

World-First Containership LNG Conversion

The world’s ? rst container feeder fueled by federal funds, as the Ger- also checked the installation possibili-

The world’s ? rst container vessel which was re? t to use with natu- man Economics Ministry has prepared ties of scrubber systems. At the end we feeder vessel which was re? t ral gas was commissioned in late Au- about 30 million Euro for further natu- decided not to use the scrubber but the gust in Bremerhaven ral gas projects. natural gas use. Scrubber have a sig- to use natural gas was com-

The container vessel Wes Amelie, ni? cant poorer environmental balance missioned in late August in owned by Wessels Reederei, Haren/ The Vessel compared to natural gas – and they

Bremerhaven, ushering in a

Ems, was converted for the use of “Our latest and newest project for extend the use of heavy fuel. Further- methane as a standard fuel at the Ger- more environmental protection in ship- more, in regard to scrubber, is the use new era in the use of alterna- man Dry Docks Shipyard in Bremer- ping was the retro? t of our container of open-loop and closed-loop systems tive fuels across the global haven, making it the world’s ? rst of its vessel Wes Amelie (1,036 TEU) for the in different national shipping areas kind vessel which consumes environ- use with natural gas – this is now the not clear. Therefore, from our point of maritime sector.

mentally friendly methane. This con- worldwide ? rst retro? t of a container view, the future course shall be alterna- version is more than simply another vessel from heavy fuel to natural gas. tive fuels like natural gas,” said Gerd environmentally advanced ship, rather In cooperation with MAN D&T, and Wessels, CEO of Wessels Reederei.

BY PETER POSPIECH as a ‘world ? rst’ it provides the ship- Marine Gas Engineering (TGE), we “We paid a lot of attention to achieve ping company important pioneer work checked all aspects during the last two a high multiplier effect, in other words: in further market launch of the natural years of a possible retro? t of the drive possible follow-up projects can bene? t gas technology in the container ship- line of our 1,000 TEU-container ves- from this ? rst conversion. Because of ping segment. The project was also sels from heavy fuel to natural gas. We this we chose our Wes Amelie which is 36 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • NOVEMBER 2017

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