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46-inch premium bridge

Ergonomics on a whole new scale

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Tom Crowley on:

Jones Act waivers

What we end up missing is conscience dialogue with the policy makers when they, for political reasons, sus- pend the Jones Act. I am not opposed to that (Jones

Act waivers) if there is a dialogue and there is a reason behind doing it. It is crazy to me that they would go and arbitrarily lift the Jones Act because they wanted to get a headline in the paper.

The energy rebound

There is no consensus on when the recovery will come and what it will look like, but I think the common theme is that it will not go back to the way that it was.

I think technology will play a much larger role, helping to make companies more ef? cient, and I don’t think that the projects will be as large or as complicated as they were in the past.

Growing his business

I try not to let anything keep me up at night because I like a good night’s sleep. (In business), I think it’s not about being the hare, it’s being the tortoise: building the foundation, the building blocks, the culture and the people. If you can get that right, all of the challenges that might keep you up at night, don’t.


I think most of the rules have a lot of thought and rea- son behind them, where things get messed up is in the implementation. By that I mean, setting deadlines, lift- ing deadlines, waivers and delays. I think you decide what you want to do, make it realistic so that industry can accomplish it, set a deadline and get it done.


Traditionally we’ve always wanted to focus on mari- time education. The next generation of our giving program is around our employees. We’ve created a “Crowley Cares” campaign, merging the things that are important to our employees with our giving pro- gram, giving our employees a voice on where the fund- ing goes, and incentivizing them to make contributions (matching program). 49

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