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All image: © 2017 Crowley Maritime Corporation (unless otherwise noted) pany’s ? rst Russian ? agged and crewed vessel 1977 serving the offshore oil industry near Sakhalin

Aleyska selected Crowley to provide vessel assist

Island, Russia. The ship UT 708 design 12,000 and tanker escort services at Valdez for tankers

BHP AHTS that is Lloyds Ice Class 1A Super has loading crude oil.

the hull strength and power to break ? rst-year ice up to one-meter (approximately 39.37 inches)

Between 1974 and 1977, 25 Invader-class tugs thick.

and nine 450-series petroleum barges were built for the Company.


After about two years as a public reporting 1978

The Company developed the world’s largest company, Crowley once again became a private company on May 5 with the acquisition of all out-

RoRo barges for the mainland/Puerto Rico ser- standing shares.

vice. By the end of the 70s, Crowley had become the largest RoRo carrier in the Caribbean trade 2008 operating out of the U.S. Southeast and Gulf.

Crowley acquires Seattle-based Jensen Maritime

Consultants, a naval architecture and marine 1986 engineering ? rm with more than 45 years experi-

New operating units in 1986 and early in 1987 ence designing and engineering a variety of dif- further internationalized Crowley’s marine op- ferent commercial vessels.

erations by expanding cargo ship operations to

Thomas Crowley

Central America, the entire Caribbean, and both 1875-1970 2010 coasts of South America.

Crowley begins construction of three larg- er, Jones Act quali? ed ATB’s known as the 1989 750-Class. Each tank barge will have 330,000

On March 24, when the 987-foot tanker Exxon

Left: Tom & bbls capacity and are scheduled for delivery by

Valdez went aground, Crowley tugs were ? rst

Dave Crowley the end of 2012.

on the scene to take up position alongside the stricken tanker. Crowley was the principle con- 2011 tractor of equipment and personnel to provide

Crowley acquired Houston-based Jarvis Interna- 1892 marine support for the spill cleanup.

1934 tional Freight, Inc., a freight forwarding, export

Founder Thomas Crowley for $80 purchased one packing and logistics company primarily serving

Crowley undertook a conversion program to con- 18-ft. Whitehall boat to provide transportation of 1991 the energy, oil? eld and mining industries.

vert from steam to diesel. personnel and stores to ships anchored on San Crowley was the ? rst in the industry to establish

Francisco Bay. a data input program accepted by the Federal 2012 1938 Maritime Commission.

Crowley designed a 148-ft, 7,000 bbl. gasoline In April, the tender and removal of the Costa 1900 barge capable of moving re? ned bulk petroleum. Concordia wreck was awarded to company sub-

Crowley continued to build new or buy used gas- sidiary TITAN Salvage and partner Micoperi. The oline launches, expanding both the ? eet and the 1939 job is reported to be the largest maritime wreck type of work the company could perform.

Crowley’s dry dock and repair company began removal project ever undertaken.

building ships for the government in support of 1906

World War II. TITAN Salvage was awarded a contract to serve

Crowley’s ? eet played a role in ferrying passen- as the commercial marine salvage and engineer- gers and their belongings out of San Francisco 1947 ing support contractor for the Navy.

following the great earthquake.

Construction of the company’s ? rst sea-going oil barge, Barge 11, was completed. Crowley expanded its logistics services to in-

Operations incorporated under the name Crow- clude Less-than-Containerload (LCL) ocean and ley Launch and Tugboat Company. Stock-

After the war, the Company replaced all of its air cargo lifts along with Customs brokerage ser- holders were Thomas Crowley and his two half- surviving steam tugs with war surplus diesel vices to Cartagena, Colombia.



In October, Crowley christened the ? rst two 1908 ocean class tugboats, the Ocean Wave and the 1953 Crowley purchased tugs of his own and entered 1994

Ocean Wind in New Orleans.

competition with Shipowners and Merchants Crowley pioneered transportation of railcars Thomas B. Crowley, Jr., was unanimously elected loaded with bails of dissolving pulp on a 125- Tugboat Company, operators of the Red Stack to the position of Chairman of the Board, Presi- 2013 mile water link between railroad tracks at Ward tugs. dent and CEO following the passing of his father.

Cove in Ketchikan, Alaska, and Prince Rupert, In January, Crowley christened its newest tanker, 1912

Florida. The 330,000-barrel vessel was immedi-

British Columbia. To manage the growing ? eet, Crowley built a ma- 2001 ately put to work in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico for a 1955 rine railway, a dock and a woodworking mill and Crowley acquired all of the outstanding shares of major energy customer.

Crowley initiated its long to arctic transportation named it Crowley Shipyard. Marine Transport Corporation, a U.S.-? ag petro- with an agreement to resupply the U.S. Govern- leum and chemical tanker company and folded ment’s distant early warning radar and commu- its business activities into Crowley Petroleum In May, Crowley entered the lique? ed natural gas 1915 nication system on the Alaska coastline. Transportation. Marine Transport Corporation (LNG) market by acquiring Carib Energy LLC.

During the WWI, the company built and added to its ? eet a large, heavy-lift derrick barge which continues to provide ship management services

Crowley announced in August that it would ex- 1960 could perform 100-ton lifts. for MARAD.

In the 1960s, Crowley was called on by oil indus- pand its ? eet of petroleum vessels by building eight product tankers. (Delivery slated between try of? cials to help tame the waters of Cook In- 2002 2015 and the end of 2017) let, Alaska, by rafting tugs together to supply the In April, Crowley christens its ? rst Articulated Tug necessary horsepower to set the oil exploration Barge (ATB) - the 9,280 HP-tug Sea Reliance and

After a grueling year of preparation and engi- platforms and furnishing a supply boat and crew 155,000-barrel barge 550-1. It was the ? rst ATB neering ingenuity, in September TITAN success- boat services. in a newbuild program consisting of 17 tug-barge fully parbuckled (raised upright) the Costa Con- combinations spanning more than a decade.

1971 cordia cruise ship.

A weekly RoRo freight service between Miami, 2005

Crowley’s new ocean class tugboats completed

Fla., and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and from the Crowley acquired marine salvage, wreck removal the successful delivery of the offshore oil pro-

U.S. Gulf to PR was developed. and emergency response company Titan Mari- duction and drilling platform Olympus – the larg- time, LLC. (Later renamed TITAN Salvage).

1975 est tension-leg platform ever to be developed for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico – to its deepwater loca-

Crowley Maritime Corporation was formed. 2006 tion in the Gulf. The project provided the ? rst

Crowley deployed the Crowley Alliance, the com- 52 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • NOVEMBER 2017

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