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cranes and/or retro? t existing cranes by on.” Separately, Mr. Cordero highlighted These areas can be serviced relatively portation Systems. placing them on platforms to raise their steps taken to prepare for the new dy- quickly by the Ports of Philadelphia Though vessel technology was not height and reach, bridges must be raised namics, notably a $4 billion program to and Baltimore as well as NY/NJ.” But subject at the AAPA meetings, Commis- … and also building distribution centers get ready for mega-ships. Inland con- he pointed out that business practices sioner Doyle noted a group of issues off-site, but close enough to the ports.” nectivity, taking the form of increasing would need to evolve to support this concerning the mega-ships themselves,

AECOM’s Mark Sisson, in the same rail infrastructure, with the additional new model, telling MLPro, “Remember, amidst an uncertain environment con- session following Mr. Cordero, elabo- bene? t of getting trucks out of the port in order to run more shifts at the ports in cerning pricing and availability of fuels rated on how vessel size impacts other district, was stressed. In Long Beach, he the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the Dis- going forward. He explains, “MARPOL links in the chains, telling the AAPA lis- says that the Port Commissioners have tribution Centers would need to be open ANNEX VI, is a topic of discussion teners, “… big ships like big terminals established a goal of 50% of boxes mov- for additional shifts as well to receive the because of the sulfur caps that must be and vice versa. If you’re going to try to ing out through on-dock rail (compared containers. And, this point is a serious adhered to globally come 2020 … more move 10,000 containers off of a single to the present 28%). Such a strategy is discussion point.” and more of the top-10 ocean carri- ship, it helps to have a lot of real estate to intertwined with another emerging strat- Another part of ef? ciencies at all ports ers are announcing plans to build new manage those containers.” The ? nancial egy; that of inland port/ shuttle trains. is quick container pickup, with Mr. ships with dual-fuel technology with dimension is also impacted. Sisson in- Cordero, speaking at the AAPA event, low sulfur diesel/LNG engines. United

Beyond the Ports sists, “It also helps the things like econo- emphasizing Long Beach’s goal of hav- Arab Shipping (Hapag-Lloyd), Mitsui mies of scale of purchasing expensive The logistics business, if anything, is ing “uniform appointment systems” at and CMA CGM are companies that have equipment…and sophisticated operating not static; with e-commerce retailers now terminals throughout the port. Ef? cient committed to build or are considering systems and software. There’s a lot of seeking proximity to population centers. uses of chassis are a big part of that the technology.” consolidation – not just on the liner side, Cordero, for his part, emphasized the im- equation. In Long Beach, which has had Mega-ships are still a work in progress. but even on the terminal side.” portance of having warehouses around a a ‘pool of pools’ since 2015, port of? - The revolution in ef? cient transportation

Where land is scarce and that’s cer- port area, closer to consumers, as quick cials are now looking towards a ‘gray that began in the late 1950’s is powering tainly the case in urban U.S. ports on deliveries become a selling point for pool,’ one managed by a neutral entity, onwards. But just because the yards can all three coasts, it’s important to move new age retailers. When asked about this to keep cargo moving. Improved data build vessels of 21,000 TEU capacity boxes out of the port area as quickly as evolving aspect of supply chains, Doyle capability (with increased transparency) (and larger) such as the recently deliv- is possible. And, dwell time for boxes replied, “It’s a distribution center con- is a key component of any supply chain ered OOCL Hong Kong, the ocean going has become even a bigger issue when struction bonanza throughout the I-78 optimization, and Mr. Cordero discussed vessel link must be ? tted into a twisting a mega-ship can discharge thousands and I-81 corridors extending from the ongoing efforts underway. He hinted at supply chain of enormous complexity. in a single port call. Indeed, Mark Sis- Port of NY and NJ through the Lehigh upcoming news regarding cooperation This process is not without numerous ? ts son says, “The hinterland connection is Valley, into central Pennsylvania and with Los Angeles, in a container data and starts, as port planners in the States, where a lot of the competition is going south into Baltimore Maryland on I-83. portal project spearheaded by GE Trans- and elsewhere, have experienced. 83

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