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who is humble, someone with energy and someone with price and market, at the end of the day, for Michael the willingness and capacity to learn. Hume, it really comes down to people. “I truly believe “I always separate those two, as there are people with that companies want to do business with other compa-

W&O Expands in the capacity to learn, but not willing to put the time in; nies that provide value.”

Singapore where there are others that are willing to learn, but sim- Vessel owner and operators are in a battle for pro? t-

W&O has been present in Singapore for years, ply don’t grasp some of the technical evolution and the ability, eying fuel savings and emerging environmental previously via a hybrid joint venture with an in- requirements that we have,” said Hume. regulations, amd ? nding and keeping the right people is dustrial company. But maritime was not the local “This is a relationship business. Marine people will increasingly dif? cult. “Our job is to help them ? nd solu- company’s primary focus, and Hume said that he reward hard working marine people if you stand behind tions,” said Hume.

never really marketed the Singapore service to what you do and you’re honest when problems come up. “At the end of the day, those that provide creative, on-

U.S. ship owners because he was never comfort-

I’m not so worried about education or pedigree.” demand solutions will win. That’s how we’ve evolved able with the response time. Enter the “Grand

And picking the right people to lead the W&O charge the company. We will always have local stock, local

Opening” of a new W&O presence in Singapore, – particularly the people in the ? eld that are facing the people, but we will continue to centralize capability on effectively giving it a true Asia presence, a plat- customers daily – is central to the company’s long-term the more sophisticated marine solutions. If we can be an form to work more effectively and expand work success. extension of the engineering department (of our custom- with global shipping companies.

“I think our ? eld leadership is three fold from where ers), we have won. If we can be the go-to for a port en- “We’ve sold in there for a long time, so they are it used to be,” said Hume. “The OEM relationships are gineer when they are struggling with something on their familiar with us,” said Hume, noting that success stronger than they have ever been, and we are only as ship and we go visit the ship, we have won. If we can in Singapore could serve as a launching point for good as the OEMs that we work with. We’ve always plan to have everything they need at dry dock when they

W&O into other Asian countries. “We’re going been strong with our customer support, but the OEM re- need it, we have won. It’s not about selling anything; it’s to start with 4 employees and plan to build it up lationships have really helped us to grow.” all about planning and estimating and engineering and to 12 within 18 months.”

So with all of the focus on technology, engineering, being an extension of our customer.” ®



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