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There’s a new name in Superyacht valuation, and the name is We spoke with’s Sam Tucker for insights on its new Superyachts report.


Many of our readers know Vesssels-

Value, but for those who do not, please provide a brief description of the orga- nization and its offering.

Launched in 2011 by Richard Rivlin, a ship broker with 40 years of buying and selling experience, VesselsValue provides daily and automated Market,

Demolition and Discounted Cash Flow

Valuations for each vessel based on its individual speci? cations and the daily market movements. VesselsValue covers bulkers, tankers, containers, gas vessels, the offshore ? eet and now Superyachts, totaling 60,000 vessels.

Today VV has 4 of? ces – London,

Isle of Wight, Stoke and Singapore, em- ploying more than 120 people in roles ranging from collecting and processing individual vessel speci? cations, build- ing up the GIS infrastructure on VV@ as well as a team of analysts monitoring the daily market valuations. VV is used by the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, private equity, funds, ship owners and operators, lawyers, ac- countants and brokers.

So what exactly is VV Superyachts?

VV Superyachts is an extension of our basic services into this luxury vessel segment. We’ve applied our three core modules to this sector, which includes automated valuation, searchable data- base, and satellite tracking. The ultimate

We take over part of your resonsibility

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 filtration grades absolute 6-50 micron protection of engine components indication that quality of fuel to be filtered has deteriorated compensation for what a fuel separator cannot fully take care of

BOLLFILTER Corporation • 22635 Venture Drive • Novi, MI 48375 - USA

Phone: +1/(248)773-8200 • Fax: +1/(248)773-8201

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