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The Future of Bourbon is Smart, Connected #BourbonInMotion evolves the Bourbon business model, now. It’s about developing integrated services with performance based on

Favorite Motto data. It’s about capitalizing on digital revolution to connect the ? eet, a “Take your job seriously, never

Smart Shipping program to reduce crew, costs and increase perfor- yourself” - Dwight D. Eisenhower mance. It’s about building partnerships with industry partners, locally and globally. Finally, it’s about changing culture and communication.

Everyone’s roles and responsibilities, skill-sets and organizations will

The Digital Revolution and are already changing.

“I ? rmly believe that the digital revolution also brings us plenty of opportunities in order to be more ef? cient and cut our costs.” “Capitalizing on digital revolution to connect the ? eet ie. our

Smart Shipping program will improve safety and reduce crew on- board from 15 to 10.”

Building the “Smart Fleet” “To connect this ? eet, we have developed the Smart Shipping program, a program we’ve been working on for two years. Smart shipping is the operational backbone for the group’s transforma- tion.”

Market Conditions “We are in the worst crisis that we have ever seen on this mar- ket…. well beyond the Lehman Brothers crisis of 2009. Even in the 1980s oil crisis was not as violent as the situation we are facing today ... but things will start to pick up in 2019.”

All Photos Copyright : BOURBON ment of €75 million. We have planned

If #BourbonInMotion works as planned, deployment over three years. what will Bourbon look like in three to To carry out this ? eet conversion, ? ve years?

we will be strengthening our technologi- cal partnerships and will be open to new In 5 years, I see Bourbon more to- ones. I strongly believe that tomorrow wards as a services company focused on will be the era of cooperation and part- operational excellence and innovation, nerships! supported by data management.

Looking at the offshore energy market If you had to pick one technology that today, where do you see challenge? you see as the clear leader in making maritime operations more ef? cient, The challenge today is to reinvent what would it be?

ourselves, to innovate, and to recreate value in this sector. Data management and process digita- lization.

Where do you see opportunity?

New tech and new information are part Our customers are very open and of the equation, moving these new tools demanding about these changes and this and data into actionable results is an- revolution. Having already started to other. What is the key to success in this connect their FPSO and their offshore regard.

committed to the quality of the[SVPH¾IIX installations, they have showed us the

We are committed to upholding the values of safety, security, and environmental way. The major opportunity for us is to I think “proof of concept” can really


States Coast Guard’s Qualship 21 roster for 13 consecutive years. We achieve concentrate on their core business. I be- and optimize to get the real project on the


TIVWSRRIPPSGEXIHMRQENSVWLMTTMRKERH½RERGMEPGIRXIVWEVSYRHXLI[SVPH lieve that the digital revolution brings market. Also, explore and co-develop in a us plenty of opportunities in order to be collaborative manner with our clients and

International Registries, Inc. more ef? cient and cut our costs. technological partners will help us imple-


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