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Green Marine Technology

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Under the skin, this new craft is a different beast. We now hope Future of the

Fjords can become a benchmark for environmentally responsible vessel operators world- wide, ushering in a new breed of clean, green and spectacular passenger transportation.

Rolf Sandvik, CEO, The Fjords and sustainably. We want this to be a paradigm for

Future of The Fjords the industry. We believe this really is the future of

Future of The Fjords Technical Specs was commissioned as part of the shipowner’s pro- the fjords.”

Aa Shipbuilder Brødrene gram of ? eet renewal with the backing of Fjord1, the

Building material Carbon-? ber sandwich/ Vinylester largest ferry operator in Norway, and of Flåm AS, the Industry Leaders’ Collaboration

Vessel type Passenger catamaran company that promotes tourism in the Flåm area, to Future of The Fjords, which took its ? rst passengers

Hull No. 291 provide vessels that deliver optimal passenger experi- through the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nærøy-

Flag NOR Fartsområde 2 ences with minimal environmental impact. fjord on May 15 this year, was conceived, developed

Class DNVGL 1A1 HSLC R5 Passenger

Constructed by specialist shipbuilder Brødrene Aa, and constructed through a collaboration between

Passenger capacity 400 the new vessel retains the eye-catching ‘mountain leading industry players, each contributing its indi-

IMO Number 9830214 path’ design and environmentally-friendly build of its vidual competencies to provide the key pieces of this sister ship Vision of the Fjords, a hybrid diesel-elec- environmentally responsible vessel.

Dimensions tric vessel, with a hull that minimizes wake and re- The new DNV GL classed ‘light craft’ is propelled

Length o.a. 42.49 m duces shoreline impact erosion. The Power Dock, the by two 450 kW electric motors, enabling cruising

Length p.p. 40.85 m ship’s revolutionary ? oating charging station, which speeds of 16 knots. In addition to its advanced pro-

Beam o.a. 15.2 m was also developed in partnership with Brødrene Aa, pulsion system, Future of the Fjords features upgrad-

Gross tonnage 770 takes on gray and black water to ensure no sewage ed IT systems to ensure that the ship meets modern discharge into the pristine waters between Gudvan- digital demands. The vessel also features a restaurant

Tank Capacities gen and Flåm. Future of The Fjords also offers up to and high comfort levels.

Fresh water 1x 3000 liter 400 passengers spectacular panoramic views of the “Vision of The Fjords was an important develop-

Gray water 1x 2000 liter western Norwegian fjords, with a guaranteed one me- ment for us, but we had the ambition to take it one

Black water 1x 3000 liter ter each of railing on deck for a unique ‘front-row’ step further and replace the diesel-electric propul-

Bilge water 1x 200 liter experience of nature. sion system with an all-electric one,” added Sandvik.

According to The Fjords CEO Rolf Sandvik, the “Taking this delivery is a very proud day for us, and

Engines & Propulsion ship’s similarities with Vision of the Fjords stop with for our progressive owners Fjord1 and Flåm AS. By

Main engines (Electrical) 2x Ramme 450 kW its outer design and the scenery on offer to its pas- introducing another vessel of this class, we are also

Propulsion system Servogear Eco? ow Propulsion sengers: able to expand the premium capacity on this special “Under the skin, this new craft is a different beast,” waterway. That leads to some economy of scale and

Reduction gearbox Servogear HD220 he said. “Vision of the Fjords switches from diesel to will help keep ticket prices at very attractive levels.

Bowthruster 2x Sleipner SAC350 electric power when journeying along the UNESCO We want everyone to have the opportunity to experi-

Stern thruster 2x Sleipner SAC450

World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord. It represented an ence the Future of The Fjords.”

Battery installations ZEM – 1800 kWh Lithium ion important step forward on our journey to transform The ship cost NOK 144 million (about $17 million),

Power management Westcon Power & Automation tourism in this delicate natural wonderland, but this marking a signi? cant increase over the NOK 90 mil- new ship is, quite simply, our dream come true. It lion (about $10.6 million) price tag of Vision of the marks the ful? lment of a vision. It is our mission to Fjords. Much of the extra investment is the result of

Deck equipment safeguard the vulnerable environment we give access opting for an all-electric solution. Enova, an organi-

Anchor system MB Hydraulikk 1-AV-24K2 / to, while providing the absolute optimal experience zation promoting low-emissions solutions backed by SEC Anchor 237 kg/Mørenot for our passengers. With Future of The Fjords it is the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy,

Aa Gangways Brødrene mission accomplished. We now hope Future of the provided NOK 17.8 million funding (about $2.2 mil-

Fjords can become a benchmark for environmentally lion) in support of the project.

Interior responsible vessel operators worldwide, ushering in a

Passenger seats West Mekan new breed of clean, green and spectacular passenger Innovative charging solution

Seats bridge Alu Design 540 transportation.” The Power Dock charging solution developed

Flooring Nordic ? ooring / Egetepper

Sandvik continued: “Future of The Fjords not only jointly by The Fjords and Brødrene Aa, is a 40-meter

Toilets Jets Sanitary System provides an optimal passenger experience, with the long, 5-meter wide ? oating glass ? ber dock that sits

Evacuation system Survitec only noise being the fjords’ natural soundtrack, but in the water at Gudvangen, housing a 2.4 MWh bat- it also showcases a new, zero-emissions way to en- tery pack. This charges steadily throughout the day

Systems joy and safeguard this fragile landscape. The vessel via connection to the local grid network, which does

Nav and electronics Landor Larsen/Brødrene Aa is totally different from anything else on the water, not have the capacity to charge Future of The Fjords

Fire safety Nortronik showing what can be achieved with the determina- directly. The innovative solution allows the vessel to

Blikk HVAC Naustdal tion, investment and ambition to operate responsibly stably, ef? ciently and cost-effectively ‘re? ll’ in 20 34 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JUNE 2018

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