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Rolls-Royce’s Intelligence Awareness System.

way to autonomous ships,” says Karno Tenovuo, SVP, In May, Rolls-Royce and Finferries, the Finnish state-


Shipping Intelligence, Rolls-Royce, Finland. “It is an owned operator of ferry services in Finland, also an-

Intelligent Awareness advisory solution. We are not planning to go all the way nounced its plan to jointly develop strategies and solu-

Rolls-Royce has developed an Intelligence Aware- into highest level of autonomy. We will still have peo- tions to optimize the safety and ef? ciency of the marine ness System displayed on a touch-panel, which has four user interface modes. Virtual Reality in 2D and 3D, ple monitoring but they will be on shore=based centers operations through developing the decision support

Augmented reality and Precision mode. The Precision mainly,” Tenovuo said. Rolls-Royce has divided its technology and to demonstrate remote and autonomous mode displaces accurate distances between the user systems being developed into two parts, Intelligent As- ferry operations. A key focus will be on the research set Management, aiming at optimizing system reliabil- project SVAN, Safer Vessel and Autonomous Naviga- and surroundings, particularly important when navigat- ing in congested narrow waterways and when docking ity, and Remote Autonomous Operation focusing on tion, where the two partners will look to implement the and undocking. The view can be rotated and expanded. navigation and control and how to operate the vessels ? ndings of the earlier joint Finnish AAWA research

The Augmented Reality mode provides live feed from in future shipping. Rolls-Royce has during last years project on developing autonomous shipping. Mats Ros- intelligent awareness sensors. The object detection formed a number of partnerships with companies and in , CEO of Finnferries, told Maritime Reporter. system identi? es both static and dynamic objects. By organizations such as Google and the European Space

DIMECC: selecting a vessel, further information is displayed. Agency to develop various sectors faster and more ef-

Ambitious Autonomous Plans

In Virtual Reality 2D and 3D modes real world data ? ciently.

The vision is to see autonomous shipping ? rst in local The One Sea Partners within the Finnish DIMECC is combined with map data. Vessel speed and heading, shipping and later globally when the regulations have company, aiming at creating the world’s ? rst autono- are displayed. The information displayed can be modi- ? ed to best suit the needs. Intelligent Awareness gives been done. “We believe that a disruption is happening mous marine ecosystem by 2025, was established two much better visibility. “This is the ? rst solution on the inside shipping right now,” Tenovuo said. years ago by seven companies; ABB, Cargotec, Erics- 34 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JULY 2018

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