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Figure 6. Orthogrid and Isogrid integrally stiffened structures.

proach would have to be implemented with far superior strength than manual highlights of technology used and de-

About the Author beginning with stress and failure analy- fusion welds, as well as further cost veloped for NASA manufacturing pro-

Jeff Ding began his career at NASA’s

Marshall Space Flight Center in June, sis which would lead to preliminary hull savings and positive schedule impacts grams. For more detailed information, 1986. His education includes a B.S. in designs. New boat hull designs could using automated real time weld inspec- contact Mr. Sammy Nabors, Technology

Biology, Bowling Green State University focus on the elimination of hundreds of tion processes. Recognizing advanced Transfer Program, Marshall Space Flight 1976, B.S. Welding Engineering, The structural stiffeners, thus reducing labor manufacturing processes and techniques Center, 256-544-5226.

Ohio State University 1986, and a Mas- and inspection costs signi? cantly. The are used and being developed for aero- 1 ters in Science, University of Tennessee new designs would allow the use of new space applications in the U.S. aerospace The FSW process was used in the Ex- 1993. He brought the friction stir weld- advanced solid state weld processes industry, perhaps the maritime industry ternal Tank Manufacturing Program in ing (FSW) process to the NASA agency and materials; the same ones used in sector should investigate the technolo- support of the Space Shuttle Program. in 1995/1996 time frame when he

NASA’s space hardware manufacturing gies outlined in this article as well as FSW was used to complete longitudi- secured a 14 ton Kearney and Trecker and R&D programs such as the Space other advanced materials and processes nal welds in the last six liquid hydrogen

Horizontal boring mill and converted it

Launch System Program. Cost bene? t available to modernize shipbuilding ef- (LH) and liquid oxygen (LOX) tanks. to NASA’s ? rst FSW system. He com- analysis and trade studies would lead to forts. Possible pathways to moderniza- The only known FSW defect occurred in pleted his ? rst FSW welds November the break-even point for new technology tion include consortiums, partnerships manufacturing when the power went off 1996. He continued FSW development infusion into the maritime industry. A and other co-development arrangements half way into a twenty foot LH tank weld. as well as ultrasonic stir weld (USW) and manufacturing prototype demonstration that can focus on maritime manufactur- After Material Review Board (MRB) dis- thermal stir weld (TSW) since 1996 and article could be fabricated and tested ing applications. position, it was decided to qualify a FSW has authored 13 U.S. patents in solid showing the cost savings bene? ts of Due to limited space, this article has repair technique, thus, preventing the state welding technology. automated solid state single pass welds been abbreviated and touches on the scrapping of the liquid hydrogen tank. 47

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