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John E. O’Malley

John C. O’Malley

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Master & Commander

Greg Trauthwein

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Rob Howard

Web Editor

Eric Haun

Last month I was afforded the opportunity for a one-on-one with Admiral Karl Schultz,

To overstate the obvious, Russia

Web Contributor effectively helping to trans- has a commanding lead in the Arctic the 26th Commandant of the United States Coast Guard,

Michelle Howard form this edition, by pure chance and unof? cially, into the “Coast Guard” edition. Ad- region with a ? eet of icebreakers and

Editorial Contributors

Elaine Maslin - Scotland miral Schultz has occupied the top spot at USCG for just under six months, and it is ice capable vessels approaching 50.

Tom Mulligan - UK

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil always my mission to make the trek to Washington – particularly for the ? rst interview At the same time, China has shown

Peter Pospiech - Germany

William Stoichevski - Scandinavia during the Commandant’s tenure, for a face-to-face interview in their of? ce. Even in increasing interest in the region with

Production today’s rapid ? re barrage of sensationalist news and information, I proudly admit to presence and stepped up patrol with

Irina Vasilets

Nicole Ventimiglia being ‘old school’ in this regard, believing in the value of a personal visit, whether it its own ships over the last decade.

Corporate Staff be with the Commandant of the USCG, the head of the IMO or any business leader, With an increasing commercial ship-

Mark O’Malley, Marketing Manager

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting anywhere, in the maritime sector. When you sit with someone, in their of? ce, you get ping presence to and through the

Information Technology a much better feel for the person than you do when meeting them at one of the multi- north, including both cargo and pas-

Vladimir Bibik

Emin Yuce tude of nameless, faceless conferences or events that dot our industry landscape, and senger ships, as well as a vast array of


I’m happy to say that Admiral Schultz did not disappoint. still unde? ned natural resources up for

Kathleen Hickey

Admiral Schultz takes the helm during interesting times, a transformational period in grabs in the region, the time is now to the global maritime and logistics industry, driven in part by the IMO’s mandate to cut rebuild a U.S. icebreaker ? eet that has


Lucia Annunziata greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050, and by an information and data fed revo- fallen into sad disarray.

+1 212 477 6700 ext 6220

Terry Breese lution that includes concepts such as autonomous shipping. He freely discuses this, Courtesy of his Coast Guard career, +1 561 732 1185 as well as the Coast Guard’s recently released Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook Baffer has a unique insight and

John Cagni 631-472-2715 +1 and so much more in our interview, starting on page 46. knowledge of the topic, and together

Frank Covella

In addition to our interview with Admiral Schultz, we also feature an interview with with Philly Shipyard, Vard and Aker +1 561 732 1659

Mitch Engel the head of a Coast Guard a half a world away in our discussion with Shuichi Iwana- Arctic has helped to build a strong +1 561 732 0312 mi, Commandant, Japan Coast Guard, starting on page 55. Commandant Iwanami team with icebreaker design and

Mike Kozlowski +1 561 733 2477 delivers an overview and insight into the JCG from both an asset and a people per- construction insight that is positioned

Jean Vertucci spective, discussing how the JCG has grown in both regards over the last two decades to build the next generation of U.S. +1 212 477 6700 ext 6210 to address a number of growing and evolving safety and security situations, saying icebreakers, when and if the program

International Sales “As the situation surrounding Japanese territorial waters remains tough, the JCG is is fully funded and given the green

Scandinavia & Germany

Roland Persson required to play a wide variety of roles, indicating that its duties are getting ever more light. Our interview with him begins

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24

Ystad, Sweden diversi? ed, complicated and internationalized.” on page 44.

t: +46 411-184 00 f: +46 411 105 31

Rounding out our Coast Guard coverage, apart from Dennis Bryant’s breakdown of the Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook starting on page 10, we offer an interview

United Kingdom

Paul Barrett with Bruce Baffer, Rear Admiral USCG (ret.), who leads Fincantieri Marine Group’s

Hallmark House, 25 Downham Road, Ramsden

Health, Essex CM11 1PU UK team effort to win the highly sought U.S. Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter shipbuild- t: +44 1268 711560 m: +44 7778 357722 f: +44 1268 711567 ing contract. The program was rebranded last month to the Polar Security Cutter name to more accurately re? ect the importance of these proposed ships to national security

Classi? ed Sales +1 212 477 6700 interests.

Gregory R. Trauthwein


John J. O’Malley 1905 - 1980

Editor & Associate Publisher

Charles P. O’Malley 1928 - 2000

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