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Always operating ‘bow ? rst’ – a new Paradigm in Harbor Towage

The ? rst of Damen’s revolutionary new RSD 2513 harbour tugs is a real innovation as its name says:

Image: ©Damen shipyard


The radical new design of the RSD of the design, giving the RSD Tug 2513

Tug 2513 is the result of extensive in- excellent course-keeping characteristics. dustry consultation at every level to ? nd Bollard pull is 75 tonnes ahead (push) solutions to the general demand for tugs and 71 tonnes astern (pull).

that are compact for operations in and This ‘bow ? rst’ capability gives tug around harbors and terminals, yet have operators a vessel that is exceptionally the power and ? exibility to maneuver ef? cient. even the largest vessels safely, quickly The design brings additional bene? ts and ef? ciently within restricted waters. including a higher freeboard than is usual

The 25-meter RSD Tug 2513 is the on a tug of this size. This improves safety result of years of research and develop- and stability. The RSD Tug 2513 also fea- ment by Damen by listening to the harbor tures a wide range of additional features towage industry’s needs and cooperation including the new Damen Safety Glass for with its research institute partners. The the wheelhouse. This is shatterproof glass design combines elements of tractor tugs similar to that used in cars and it repre- and ASD tugs to create a class of vessel sents a huge step forward in crew protec- that effectively has two bows, enabling it tion because the glass does not fragment to always operate bow ? rst. The result is when struck by a heavy object. Other in- a tug that is equally effective at bow as- novations include the glued superstruc- sists and stern assists. A Damen Twin Fin ture to counter noise and vibration, and skeg also contributes to the effectiveness Damen’s remote monitoring system. 36 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • DECEMBER 2018

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