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TECH FILES: Hybrid Propulsion erate your ? eet. In many cases, I’m told,

BAE SYSTEMS & the environmental signature of these hy-

THE RED & WHITE FLEET brid solutions is greener than their Tier 4

There is much more than fuel being saved with BAE cousins. No, I don’t have those numbers in front of me, but if true, isn’t that what

System’s ecologically friendly power and propul- we’re all aiming for in the ? rst place?

sion systems. Its electric drive propulsion systems are powering more than 10,000 vehicles and several ves-

Hybrid: today and tomorrow sels including the Enhydra, a 600-passenger vessel in

Not everyone is sold on the hybrid concept. And that doesn’t necessarily service for Red and White Fleet of San Francisco. With mean, for their particular operation, that an array of proven solutions, such as, hybrid electric, they are wrong. But, I was told by more battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion, than one engine OEM and/or system integrator that the possibility of hybrid and auxiliary power systems BAE Systems is helping propulsion systems, when it comes up ? eets meet their emissions and operations goals. with potential buyers, no longer is met with that now familiar skepticism and

HYBRID ELECTRIC FOR STERN TRAWLER reluctance to try new technologies that the collective waterfront has become fa-

Ocean Choice Intl. ordered a new 74 x 16-m freezer mous for. Instead, operators are seeking trawler to be built at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey, out the technology to see if it can be the designed by Skipsteknisk. In addition to a 6,528-hp panacea for the emerging environmental

MAN main engine the naval architects designed in a regulations, clean air mandates, and the rising cost of low sulphur fuels. Indeed,

Cummins QSK 60-powered generator with an output 2019, when it comes to marine propul- of 2155KVA/ 1724KWe, 3x440VAC, 3 phase, 60hz. sion – especially for workboats – looks

An additional Cummins QSK19-powered generator to be the year of ‘hybrid.’

As a disclaimer, I won’t attribute any has an output of 700 KVA / 560KWe, 3x440VAC, 3 of the foregoing gems of wisdom to phase, 60 Hz. These will meet electrical needs of the any of the subject matter experts that I vessel’s 39-crew accommodation block, navigation spoke to at the show. It wouldn’t be fair suite, processing factory and large freezer capacity. to blame them for my mistakes. And,

I’m guessing I probably got at least one

Photo: Cummins small thing wrong within my narrative. I

NORDEN TESTS BIOFUEL told you; I’m a deckie. And, I foolishly

Norden ? nalized a test voyage with a 37,000 dwt, wrote this missive without adult super- vision. That’s the problem with technol- 182m handysize product tanker vessel NORD High- ogy, calculus, differential equations, and, lander powered by CO2 neutral biofuel, a test which of course, hybrid propulsion: one little reportedly documented that second generation CO2 mistake gets you into a lot of hot water.

neutral biofuel is technically and economically suit-

Nevertheless, and circling back to where we began, I am of the ? rm belief able. According to the company, engine performance that every trade event has its own unique is not affected; the full performance envelope can be buzz word, trend or theme. Looking delivered without restrictions. back to September’s SMM Trade show in Hamburg, for example, the buzz most certainly circulated around the advent

ETC TECH STUDIED of some amazing technology. Similarly,

A consortium created a new, marine-capable system this year’s Workboat Show seemed to re- designed to increase engine ef? ciency and reduce volve around the arrival of a raft of dif- ferent hybrid marine propulsion options, emissions, a demo which reportedly proved the po- and what each promises for tomorrow.

tential to achieve fuel savings of up to 7.8% while re-

In that infamous exchange from The ducing CO2 emissions. The $1.9m project was partly

Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s character funded by Innovate UK, with Rolls-Royce Power promises to at least think about the pos- sibility of plastics. But, you get the im-

Systems, Lloyds Register and University College pression that he has no such intention.

London. Bowman put forward the electric turbo com-

What about you? Today, far away from pounding (ETC) tech as the basis for development, the make-believe world of Hollywood movies, there’s just one word: hybrid. while Rolls-Royce provided key information and sim

Will you think about it?

results for its MTU Series 4000 M93 engine.

Photo: Bowman Power Group Photo: Norden Photo: BAE Systems 55

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