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VOICES: Tomas Tillberg

Designer Tomas Tillberg’s quest for freedom breaks down barriers and expands to China, where his team builds China’s frst expedition cruise

Rebel With a Cause ships putting Antarctica - and the most remote, mysterious parts of the world - within reach.

By Lisa Overing ll for freedom. Freedom for all. Tomas

Tillberg could be Harley davidson’s new poster boy. As he views the open road

Afrom behind his handle bars, he’s flled with an amazing feeling of personal freedom.

With formal training from Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, Tillberg’s artistry expresses his aspi- ration for independence. A jellyfsh ascending like a sunrise into a sky of fair weather clouds, a gallery-worthy efort, adorns

Born to be wild. his ofce. Artists think about the world

Tomas Tillberg rides his Harley and share their vision by brushstroke.

Davidson, his third motorcycle,

Mental easels abound for Tillberg, 74, every weekend. especially Antarctica, itself, where

Photo: Courtesy of Tomas Tillberg the company’s new line of expedition ships will take travelers to vast, huge slates of ice creating a white, conti- nental canvas.

On the wide, open road around Lake Okeechobee, the roar of the Rolling Stones in surround sound provide Tillberg’s soundtrack to cruise a highway of possibilities on his touring edition motorcycle in solitude, unless his new, Argentinian wife is saddled up behind him. “This motorcycle is made for two,” he said, smil- ing. “Most people will be surprised to know I am re- married. I am so lucky to have her,” said Tillberg, 74, of his second wife. Married the frst time for 43 years, the mother of his two children passed away about four years ago.

His father, Robert, founded Tillberg design, but the second generation doesn’t foresee a third at the helm.

With two capable partners, Carlos Reyes and Nedgé

Louis-Jacques, and a team of stars, Tillberg enjoys making deals, matching clients with the right part- ners and smart fnancing, logical associations derived from a lifetime of successful, global networking. An example of such is Tillberg’s partnership with Sun-

Stone Ships, which launches China’s frst expedition cruise ship in August, with 10 hulls delivered in the next fve years.

“The costs are very favorable,” said Tillberg. “Both 21

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