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VIRTUAL REALITY • The Amazing World of Mixed Reality ing and maintain service on increasingly Proprietary presentation platform scribe to hardware and selected software we have developed a Beta version of the complex equipment. Technology sup- Fostech has developed the Fostech solutions. Satellite Video Communication applica- porting these activities is a prerequisite HoloPodium v2.6 Confgurator, a pro- The intention is that most of the com- tion and we have plenty more exciting for succeeding with crew reductions. prietary presentation platform/confgu- pany’s customer projects can be pub- solution proposals for the maritime in-

Technology must also attend to commu- rator that manages 3D animations, voice lished on the Store, with shipping com- dustry in our drawer. If you are interest- nication with onshore experts operating instructions, text instructions, warnings panies as the ‘number one’ customers ed in investing in this opportunity, please a wide range of equipment. With focus and notes to reduce MR systems devel- being featured, while one of the benefts contact Fostech.” and close contact to the maritime indus- opment time and costs by about 50 per- of the Store for equipment manufactur- try, Fostech could be an important par- cent and ultimately making it less expen- ers is that they will have full control of An exciting future ticipant on this voyage.” sive to develop MR solutions compared where their solutions will be distributed. “Microsoft in a way took the AR/MR

While HåvarRisnes, Head of StartUp to the traditional animated movies of old. Notøy commented that nothing similar market a little by surprise when the com- and ScaleUp at ÅKP Blue Innovation The Fostech HoloPodium supports a exists today and that the solution has the pany launched its Hololens device in

Arena, the local Sunnmøre region’s hub number of animation systems including potential to become some kind of a dis- April 2016,” stated Notøy. “Nowadays, for innovation, business development Microsoft Hololens, PC and various mo- ruptive force in the industry. most of the other big players are talking and social development, commented: bile platforms. about launching their own solutions in “Fostech enters an increasingly rel- The next developments will be to in- Investment opportunity the next few years. At Fostech, we see in evant niche in VR and AR in their fresh clude multiple same-time users to al- Fostech was established in late 2015 the work we do, and the work that others efort. As an incubator company at ÅKP, low classroom-based use of the system and started working solely on mixed re- are doing, that the technology is already

Fostech is closely linked to the DigiCat and to enable external participation: the ality and Hololens in May of the follow- bringing value for many enterprises catapult and the clusters of Norwegian company is currently looking for a com- ing year. Notøy commented: “We have around the world.

Rooms, Blue Legasea and GCE Blue mercial partner to support its work in built lots of knowledge about the capa- And since Microsoft is launching Ho-

Maritime. Businesses need companies these areas and complete these technol- bilities and solution directions of this ex- lolens version 2 next year (with a new that utilize the latest technology and ogy development stages. citing new platform and 2018 has been AI chip, an improved feld of view, depth adapt it to relevant customer groups. the year in which we compiled all this sensors, tracking, plus battery and pro-

Fostech’s idea of an ‘appstore’ for their Maritime APP Store knowledge and developed our own pre- cessing power), I think we have only products are exciting and innovative. Fostech is also developing its own sentation solution, where the fnal prod- seen the top-of-the-iceberg of what this

They have attracted contributors from Maritime APP Store (www.themari- uct is a unique Unity plug-in confgura- technology will enables us to do in the other countries and with diferent expe-,an online augmented/ tor, enabling us to develop high-quality years to come. But most importantly, it’s riences. ÅKP really values Fostech’s ef- mixed reality store meant for the mari- solutions at a much lower cost compared already here, and it is already making a forts within the maritime sector.” time sector, where customers can sub- to only a few months ago. In addition, diference.” … it also allows you to view inside the vessel down to the level of individual components.

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