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WORKBOATS: TUG & BARGE ered the M/V Mark E. Kuebler, a Z-Tech 30-80 Termi-

Jensen’s Design for Shaver Tugboat Overhaul for Bouchard Barge nal/Escort Tug to Bay Houston Towing Company. The

M/V Mark E. Kuebler was designed by Robert Allan and built at Gulf Island’s, Jennings, LA facilities. The vessel will be operated by G &H Towing on behalf of

Bay Houston Towing Company. Gulf Island is cur- rently building nine (9) sister vessels that are at various stages of construction.

Tier IV Tractor Tugs for Foss

Photo: Bouchard Transportation

Jensen Maritime, Crowley Maritime Corp.’s Seattle- Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. said that Bouchard based naval architecture and marine engineering com- Barge No. 295 has completed a major overhaul. Ap- pany, has provided the detailed design for Shaver Trans- proximately 90% of the B. No. 295’s main deck plate portation Company’s new, Z-drive tug – Samantha S. has been replaced, freshly painted and triple-coated.

The multi-purpose tug was built at Diversifed Marine New internal coatings have been applied, along with

Inc., in Portland, Ore., and is operating along the West the installation of new anodes on the hull and in the

Coast. The tug is ABS-classed and carries a FFV1 fre- ballast tanks to protect the hull for many more years fghting notation. The 112-foot by 44-foot tug has a 22- of service. Cargo and ballast pumps, and the thermal foot draft, was built for escort, ocean towing and ship oil cargo heating system has been entirely overhauled,

Photo: Jensen Maritime assist, and has frefghting capabilities if needed. The and the hose-handling cranes have been rebuilt. Addi- tug features a raised pilot house and a squared forward tionally, the deck and navigation lighting, and electrical Jensen Maritime has provided the detailed design for end. The large, fat bow allows the tug to come up fat cabling have been renewed. The B. No. 295 is equipped an initial four, with an option for six additional, Tier against the transom of ocean-going ships in the Colum- with all new hoses, lines, emergency response equip- IV tractor tugboats being built by Nichols Brother Boat bia River. The tug is equipped with two wire winches ment, and a new gas detection system in the void spaces Builders for Foss Maritime. The 90-short ton bollard forward, and six aft, for hard wiring to the stern of large which provides early detection capability. pull tugs are based on Jensen’s popular Valor tugboat ships for escort. design, of which 9 have been successfully built and deployed to date and an additional fve remain under

Gulf Island Delivers First of 10 design/construction. Once delivered, the Foss tugs will

Gulf Island Fabrication’s Shipyard Division has deliv-

GH Refts Pilot Boat be deployed along the U.S. West Coast. These 100-foot

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation, has by 40-foot tugs are multi-functional to include ship as- delivered a retroftted pilot boat to the Delaware Bay sist and escort capabilities as well as towing. Powered pilots association. Brandywine, one of the shipyard’s by twin Z-drive propulsion units, the tugs will be suit- early 53’ Chesapeake class launches built in 2004, is able for ofshore service, ship assist, escort, maneuver- one of nine pilot boats built for the pilots since they ing and docking. The tugs feature a large fuel capacity took delivery of their frst boat from the Mass. ship- for long trips, comfortable crew accommodations and yard in 1957. Along with installing new shafts and a spacious engine room along with an anchor windlass

Brunton propellers, the yard replaced the twin Daewoo and chain locker. The tugs will come with a 900 GPM 650 Bhp diesel engines with a pair of Volvo D16 EPA fre pump and monitor and will be Subchapter M com-

Tier-3-compliant 650 Bhp diesel engines, each deliver- pliant.

ing the same output at 1800 rpm as the original engines with a top speed of 25 knots. The new engines are con-

Photo: Gulf Island Fabricators nected to ZF 500-1A gear boxes. The yard also convert- ed the engine cooling system from seawater cooling to keel cooling, using Fernstrum grid coolers. A Hum- phree interceptor trim control system, with automatic trim control, was installed at the transom. The hull’s fendering system was replaced with Duramax replace- ment rubber, along with additional diagonal strakes aft.

Photo: Gladding-Hearn Photo: Jensen Maritime 45

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