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INSIGHTS: OFFSHORE WIND one of which, as noted, is establishing Directory. He said Orsted tries to “use als, services, and workforce locally is tors and VOWDA, of course, is directly a singular offshore wind of? ce. Fediw all available tools to identify potential important to us and we work to do this linked to the Directory.

said that would be a signi? cant ? rst pol- supply chain partners in the markets in when possible.” Importantly, Dominion Important ? rst step: are you on the Di- icy move because that new of? ce could which we operate. Sourcing materi- Energy is on VOWDA’s Board of Direc- rectory?

then be charged with following up on

BVGA’s other recommendations (more below).

Regarding the Dominion Energy/Or- sted two-turbine pilot project White said

VMA is working to educate its members about opportunities. Importantly, and again referencing concurrent state and regional initiatives, VMA’s message to businesses is to keep their eyes open for work not just in Virginia but within the multi-state R&D Consortium. White said VMA is seeking ways to “collabo- rate to bring (offshore wind) industry to the region. We want everyone to ‘lean in’,” he continued, “to attract industry, not just in VA but in other markets. We are well positioned to play a signi? cant role for construction, supply and service up and down the Atlantic coast.”

BVGA’s recommendations are worth a closer look because the suggestions have been incorporated within Virginia’s overall 2018 Energy Plan. Here’s a sum- mary of BVGA’s ? ve major recommen- dations (for offshore wind): • Create a “Virginia Of? ce for Off- shore Wind” to provide a clearing- house and facilitator to advance offshore wind. Provide regular updates covering market and tech- nology development, project sched- ules, supply chain opportunities and other resources as appropriate, and to develop a roadmap “to achieve the Commonwealth’s 2GW offshore wind commercial development goal by 2028.” • Work toward a multi-state regional supply chain cluster, offering the in- dustry a wide, multi-state network.

• Solicit and attract “anchor tenant” suppliers, with a focus on major components.

• Enable and grow partnerships and infrastructure.

• Focus on workforce development.

At center stage now is Orsted’s work with Dominion Energy on the pilot, two- turbine Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project. Hayes Framme, with Orsted, said that onshore construction will likely start this spring. Site analyses to prepare for offshore construction is expected in 2020. Material fabrication – for cable, foundations and turbines – will start in 2019. Framme was asked whether

Orsted will work with the new supply 15

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