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Coat with Con? dence

HoldTight’s family of surface prep products works to ensure the integrity of your vessel’s coating system

While much maritime press focuses on ‘autonomy’ and within minutes. They found conventional rust inhibitors be applied to blasted surfaces, preserving the blast and ‘digitalization,’ every vessel owner will attest that the to be “? lm-forming,” meaning they were effective in preventing ? ash rust and corrosion for up to one year. It most critical system to keep a commercial vessel ‘ship- inhibiting rust formation, but they also inhibited coating can be applied to untreated surfaces or those that have shape’ and generating revenue is the quality and integrity adhesion: a major barrier for the wet abrasive blasting been treated with HoldTight 102. Applied by brush, of its coating system; literally the ? rst and arguably the market. spray or dipping, and easily removed by high pressure most critical line of defense against one of the most cor- With that experience they devised HoldTight 102 washing with HoldTight 102-treated water. It’s great for rosive environments on the planet. HoldTight offers a which provided the wet abrasive blasting market with a vessel maintenance, storage and transportation of bare family of products to ensure that your vessel is cleaned, way to clean surfaces so thoroughly that ? ash-rust would steel.

maintained and coated to the highest quality standard. be inhibited for hours or days. How? HoldTight 102 re- • Water Quality Test Kit: Although most potable moves all hygroscopic contaminants – salts, acids, greases water works well with HoldTight 102, the water quality

The Prep: HoldTight 102 and other – and ensures that no new residue is introduced test kit can be used to verify water quality and identify

It all starts with bare metal, and an independent test after cleaning, keeping the surfaces clean and ready for any potential water problems that may interfere with the con? rmed that HoldTight 102 removes all salts and priming and coating. As the prevalence of water abrasive performance of HoldTight 102, measuring pH levels, other contaminants. But cleaning is just half the battle, blasting grows, so too does the market for HoldTight water hardness and conductivity. as the product also prevents ? ash rusting to ensure that 102. • DeFelsko PosiTector SST (soluble salt tester): the cleaned surface remains clean, free of chlorides and is This is a sophisticated measuring device for surface ready for coating. ions, supplied to spec for HoldTight. This user-friendly

Meet the Family

As is the case with many great product innovations, While HoldTight 102 is a critical ? rst step, it is not the technology can be employed both before using HoldTight the developers of HoldTight 102 worked in the industry, only one as the company offers a range of complementary 102 to determine the extent of surface contamination and involved in producing early wet abrasive blasting equip- products and systems, all mono-focused on improving the after blasting/rinsing with HoldTight 102-treated water ment. It was here that they encountered a major prob- integrity of marine coatings. to measure the cleanliness of the prepared surface. lem: blasting with water and abrasive caused ? ash rusting • HT 365: HT 365 is a new thin ? lm coating that can

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