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Cruise Shipping

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CRUISE SHIPPING • THE MARKET REPORT thrusters offering the maneuverability The vessel represents an enhancement needed for a broad range of port vis- of the Quantum-class ships Quantum its, the state-of-the-art for power and of the Seas (roughly 4,900 passengers propulsion has moved towards diesel at maximum capacity, built 2014), An- electric. Symphony’s massive diesel- them (2015), and Ovation (2016). A engine plant consists of four Wärtsilä sister to Spectrum, Odyssey is aimed 12V46F’s each at 14,400 kW, and at the U.S. market and is scheduled to two 16V46F units, each providing be delivered in 2020. 19,200 kW for a total output 81,600 Spectrum is also diesel electric, with kW (which converts to about 109,000 four Wärtsilä diesels (2 x 19,200 kW horsepower- about 30% more than and 2 x 14,400 kW each) and two Cat-


Maersk “Triple-E” containerships). erpillar generators (2,500 kW each).


Propulsion is provided by three The propulsion con? guration con-

Spectrum of the Seas 20,000 kW ABB “XO” Azipods, leav- sists of two 20,500 kW ABB Azipod

Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the


Seas (pictured below, 4,800 passen- ing signi? cant wattage for the hotel XOs, with four 3,500 kW Brunvoll

The allure of expedition cruise gers) is described as RCL’s “…? rst load. bowthrusters forward.

ships is the ability to deliver

Quantum-Ultra class vessel…”

Royal Caribbean will now be debut-

Designed for the burgeoning Chinese travelers as close as possible ing its Spectrum of the Seas (4,800 market, its ? rst cruise commences in passengers), described as “…? rst to natural wonders, safely

April 2019 following its delivery from

Quantum-Ultra class vessel…”, also a

Meyer Werft, Papenburg. Spectrum is and ef? ciently, often onboard diesel electric con? guration. diesel electric, with four Wärtsilä die- small zodiacs and RIBs. Get- sels (2 x 19,200 kW and 2 x 14,400

Designed for the burgeoning Chi- kW each) and two Caterpillar genera- nese market (with different con? gu- ting passengers on and off the tors (2,500 kW each). The propulsion rations for rooms and gaming and small craft is paramount to con? guration consists of two 20,500 shopping spaces), its ? rst cruise com- kW ABB Azipod XOs, with four 3,500 safe operations. Silversea’s mences in April 2019 following its de- kW Brunvoll bowthrusters forward.

Silver Cloud has started using livery from Meyer Werft, Papenburg.

Photo: Royal Caribbean International high-powered magnets to cre- ate additional mooring points on the hull of the ship for such excursions, magnets from

Miko Marine (Norway) that each have a holding power of 500 kg. The magnets are designed to allow Zodiacs and other boats to be held close against the ship before being relocated to the point where passengers must disembark for excursions. For safety, the magnet is ? tted with a break lever that enables it to be im- mediately released from the hull by the boat’s crew.

Silver Cloud is equipped with two crane-launched in? atable

Zodiac boats that are used for providing inshore excursions, each carrying a pair of Miko

MAM magnets.

Photo: Silverseas/Miko Marine Photo: Silverseas/Miko Marine 28 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MARCH 2019

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