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ABB Onboard with Lindblad Expeditions

While the National Geographic Endurance is a ther improve ef? ciency and safety of the polar smaller cruise vessel with 69 cabins, there is noth- newbuild. It integrates power, propulsion and ing small about the level of technology of prod- vessel management systems into one platform, ucts and systems onboard, as the polar ship must enabling both crew and onshore teams to get a be able to, safely and ef? ciently, carry its 126 pas- comprehensive overview of all the information sengers and crew in and out of some of the world’s needed to operate the vessel in the optimal way. most remote and harsh weather locales. “Even though the ship is remote, it is not alone,”

ABB is a major system supplier on the vessel, said Högblom.

delivering a comprehensive scope of power, auto- In addition, all control and monitoring applica- mation, propulsion and digital solutions, melding tions have a uniform look and feel, allowing for

ABB’s experience in both the cruise and ice class a more intuitive user experience. The vessel will vessel sectors. “We have a big supply on this ves- be connected to ABB’s Collaborative Operations sel, starting with the propeller, the Azipod propul- Center infrastructure which monitors the perfor- sion system, a pair of our DO pods, well suited for mance of ABB technology on board and remotely this ship because of their high ice class (PC 5),” connects operators with ABB, particularly crucial said Marcus Högblom, Head of Passenger, Dry for this vessel operating for extended periods in cargo and Ice Segment, Global Sales at ABB Ma- remote areas.

rine and Ports. According to Högblom these will As the cruise industry continues to power through be the ? rst DO pods delivered with Silent E nota- this historic period of growth, Högblom sees op- “EVEN THOUGH THE tion, meaning there is additional noise mitigation portunity in many sectors, particularly the smaller

SHIP IS REMOTE, IT IS NOT so as to not disturb the wildlife in sensitive areas. expedition/luxury segment. “The big ships are still

While the Azipods are the most visible part of coming out, but there are a limited number of ship-

ALONE.” the ABB supply – the star of the show – ABB’s yards that can build them, and the biggest control- electric power and propulsion plant, its automa- ling factor today is the number of slots available tion system and its remote monitoring and diag- at the shipyards,” said Högblom. “In the smaller,

Marcus Högblom, Head of Passenger,

Dry cargo and Ice Segment, Global Sales, nostic system – ABB Ability – collectively are the higher end expedition and luxury segment, we see

ABB Marine and Ports heart and soul. new players, new ships, new destinations and new

ABB Ability System 800xA is designed to fur- opportunities. The sector is booming.”


Photo: Furuno


Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB) last year delivered National Geographic $_;-uv_-??v?-m7v!;]bv|u?1omvbv|;m|??

Venture, number two of two 100-passenger expedition cruise ships contracted by and r;u=oulvl$_;u;1ou7vr;-hv=oub|v;?=l built for Lindblad Expeditions for exploratory cruising in Alaska; Baja, California; the

Paci? c Northwest; Costa Rica & Panama and Belize. National Geographic Venture mea- _oov;|oY?|_;?ou?7Lv?o1-?Y-]l sures 238.5 x 44 x 10-ft. and is a Jones Act coastal cruise vessel, purpose-built for exploring coastal waters, shallow coves, and fast-moving channels where wildlife con- gregate. Both vessels feature a complete Furuno navigation solution installed by

Mackay Marine’s Project Management Group. The suite of electronics aboard each ves- sel includes FAR3210 and FAR3220 Radars, as well as two FMD3200 ECDIS consoles,

GPS, AIS, GMDSS, VDR, and Doppler Speed Log systems. The electronic charts used in navigation are nearly always on display in the spacious passenger’s lounge, allowing m|;um-?om-?!;]bv|ub;vkm1l travelers to view the ship’s location, speed and course in real time.

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