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Cruise Shipping

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SIMULATION: TRAINING & EDUCATION become familiar with the ship before experience before boarding the vessel problems with traditional methods as Historically, AR and VR were used ex- it leaves port. Imagine the dif? culty of would be crucial. Through AR and VR, well as allow for a connection between clusively by entities like NASA and the lowering life boats into the water during we can circumvent these long-standing theory and application of training. United States military due to the high an emergency if nobody knows how to operate a crane or even where they are located. Virtual environments eliminate the risk of exposing new employees to critical situations on-site where proper

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Inside a typical large ship model generated from a real-world vessel. 2.

A 3D simulated view of a site in the real world augmented with digital elements. 3.

Operators and Engineers can use their VR avatars to train together and learn how to handle almost any simulated scenario.

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