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TECHNOLOGY: RIBS & PATROL CRAFT the simulators provide in boat-handling and high- speed navigational skills,” said Lars Klemmetsby, Vice

President Business Development Defence, Kongsberg

Digital. “This deep-level training in an immersive and startlingly realistic simulated environment encourages trainees to think and behave tactically as a team. In real life, this also translates to signi? cant improvements in crew safety and equipment utilization.”

According to Klemmetsby, numerous elements com- bine to make the K-Sim Fast Craft simulator such a credible training solution. In the ? rst instance, record- ed vessel performance data is used to validate the hy- drodynamic vessel modelling capabilities: the motion platform is calibrated to match the propulsion system and hull-type characteristics of real boats at various speeds and in differing sea states, taking wave interac- tion and potential effects upon other vessels or objects into account. (In addition to the Fast Patrol Boat con- ? guration, the simulator offers Interceptor and RHIB options plus custom models, replicating propulsion systems including stern drive, surface drive, water jet and outboards.) Real controllers, displays and indica-

Image: Kongsberg tors, speci? cally con? gured to the relevant boat type, can also be integrated to the bridge layout to enhance the authenticity of the interoperable onboard operator positions. The cylindrical, low-radius visual projection system provides a broad vertical ? eld of view to render the perceptual sensation more lifelike for trainees.

The care taken in assembling a de? nitive user experi- ence for trainees is matched by the comprehensiveness and functional ease of the K-Sim Fast Craft instructor, monitoring and assessment system, with a modi? ed drag-and-drop electronic chart system as its basis for 3030 E. Pershing St.

the construction of exercises. The training and assess- ment objectives can be adjusted so that they are fully

Appleton, WI 54911 USA applicable to a broad selection of user groups whose [email protected] work involves operating high-speed vessels. This list would include search & rescue organisations, navies, marine police forces, customs and border patrols, ? re departments and special operations forces. Automatic

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OTC 2019 ment system, allowing instructors to perfect the exer-

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Booth # 3138 cises they set and provide the most detailed feedback to their students.

“KDI has thought of everything in the development of the Fast Craft simulator training solution,” smiles

Klemmetsby. “Starting with and building upon basic familiarisation with the vessel and equipment, the ex- ercises take trainees all the way through to the point where complex procedures such as interception and boarding operations, search & rescue strategies or the escalation of force and weapon engagement become absolutely instinctive.

“Trainees can practice the rules of engagement in a safe and controlled environment, enacting missions from the planning stages to rehearsing operations, with a full debrie? ng thereafter. Going into simula- tor training programs at this granular level inevitably leads to more informed and con? dent decision mak- ing – as does the fact that the students can review the impact their judgement calls have made and assess their overall modus operandi accordingly,” concludes

Klemmetsby. 49

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