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John E. O’Malley

John C. O’Malley [email protected]

Associate Publisher/Editorial Director

Ships, Humans & Technology

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Vice President, Sales

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Web Contributor

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Editorial Contributors

Tom Mulligan - UK

A common refrain at maritime conferences and media globally is the need to at Blue Tech Week in San Diego, a

Lisa Overing - Florida

Claudio Paschoa - Brazil monitor and in some respects mimic the ‘airline model,’ which is admirable with high-quality ‘Blue Economy’ event

Peter Pospiech - Germany

William Stoichevski - Scandinavia its commonality of systems and well-orchestrated logistics chain. put on by The Maritime Alliance. She

But this month, as we examine the evolving role of autonomy in the maritime sector, is the SVP, Head of Wind for Aker


Irina Vasilets [email protected] speci? cally systems that increasingly take on decision making capabilities from hu- Solutions, and a feature interview in

Nicole Ventimiglia [email protected] mans, the question begs: what can we learn from the recent Boeing 737 MAX airline this edition to discuss Aker Solution’s

Corporate Staff

Mark O’Malley, Marketing Manager crashes, air disasters that – while still under investigation with no concrete conclu- long history in engineering solutions

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting sions – seemingly involved a faulty automation and sensor system. for the offshore sector in general, and

Information Technology

Vladimir Bibik

The notion of autonomy in the maritime sector is endlessly fascinating, sure to pro- speci? cally her view on the promising vide fertile editorial fodder for years to come. While there is general agreement that future of ? oating offshore wind units.

Subscription the technology aspect of autonomy has arrived, there are still many critical hurdles Our interview with Onsum starts on

Kathleen Hickey [email protected] ahead, including: regulatory agreement among international players; proper insur- page 25.

Sales ance; and the creation of technical standards so that all systems onboard vessels can Finally, we have not forgotten the

Lucia Annunziata [email protected] +1 212 477 6700 ext 6240 ef? ciently and effectively ‘talk’ to one another. While serious work is underway, you original offshore sector, even though

Terry Breese [email protected] can be sure that true autonomy in the oceangoing maritime sector will be debated and conditions in offshore oil and gas +1 561 732 1185 worked on for the coming generation. remain challenging to say the least.

John Cagni [email protected] +1 631-472-2715

To get a better perspective this month’s ‘Thought Leadership’ is focused on au- Barry Parker, our resident ? nance

Frank Covella [email protected] tonomy and we are pleased to offer insights from several leading corporations and insights guru, delivers a candid look +1 561 732 1659

Mitch Engel [email protected] individuals driving change, including Siemens, Kongsberg, ABB and Sea Machines, at the still suffering OSV market +1 561 732 0312 primarily addressing the technology behind the trend. In addition, last year I had the starting on page 14. While the OSV

Mike Kozlowski [email protected] +1 561 733 2477 opportunity to interview Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager, Maritime Tech- picture is not pretty, it is improving. nology Division, Doctor of Engineering, MTI Co., Ltd., which is the R&D unit of The size, speed and length of recovery

International Sales shipping giant NYK. He better than any other I talked to on the matter summed up the is truly anyone’s guess, but this month

Scandinavia & Germany current shape and direction of the autonomous debate by saying: “We are a shipping Parker delivers a black and white

Roland Persson

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24 company, so to achieve an autonomous ship is not our objective: our goal is safer, en- vision of the current situation with

Ystad, Sweden t: +46 411-184 00 ergy ef? cient operations and more reliable logistics. Our goal is to be the most reliable insights from several industry insiders [email protected] cargo carrier. We see automation technology as supporting our objective.” This story on the pace of things to come.


Brenda Homewood starts on page 28.

Tel: +44 1622 297123 [email protected]

Another technology making headlines is the advent of offshore wind. Renewable energy via offshore wind is in fact ‘old hat’ for Europeans, the clear leader in the

United Kingdom

Paul Barrett sector with an approximate 20 years head start on the U.S. But all indicators point

Hallmark House, 25 Downham Road, Ramsden

Health, Essex CM11 1PU UK to a vibrant and growing offshore wind market in the U.S. for the coming 20 years, t: +44 1268 711560 m: +44 7778 357722 particularly off the shores of the Northeast U.S. in the Atlantic ocean. Starting a few [email protected] months back we commissioned Tom Ewing, who is a master at navigating govern-

Classi? ed Sales +1 212 477 6700 ment of? ces, documents and bureaucracy, to write a monthly column for our pages documenting progress in the offshore wind sector. This month he examines develop- Gregory R. Trauthwein

Founder: ments in our home state of New York with his story starting on page 20.

John J. O’Malley 1905 - 1980

Editor & Associate Publisher

Charles P. O’Malley 1928 - 2000

On the technical side, I was fortunate to meet Astrid Skarheim Onsum last year [email protected]

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