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SKF has developed targeted assistance with new, innovative ideas. Today, for also have a greater in? uence in the years via simple dashboards. These have been example, increasing numbers of drones ahead and will entail a great deal of achieved by de? ning what the end user and unmanned aircraft are being used for change. In fact, a number of companies actually wants to know and for what ben- inspection tasks. are already looking at how spare parts e? t, to be able to both prepare the data Although autonomous shipping is of- can be manufactured on-site using this on board and then to evaluate it onshore. ten discussed, operating a completely method, depending on the spare part,

However, a great deal of expertise in the unmanned ship is still a long way off. different raw materials are required for areas of data analysis and guidance is However, the number of crew members printing. With this in mind, there will required if the bene? ts of digitalization who travel with the ship will continue to need to be central locations for 3D print- are to be maximized moving forwards. fall and there will be ever more onshore ing around the world. For example, 3D

The challenge for ship owners and op- control centers. This is because even to- printers located in a repair port such as

The new EcoMode software erators will be whether to build this up day it is becoming more dif? cult for op- Singapore, which, upon request, would optimizes the use of ? n stabilizers, internally, or turn to specialized service erators to ? nd trained crew, and this is produce spare parts for ships due to call helping to improve a ships’ energy providers. where digitalization can help, too. Ship at the port. With this type of technology footprint. The SKF Dynamic Stabilizer operations will become signi? cantly to hand, all of the spare part strategies

Cover (for the aerodynamically ad-

The future of shipping simpli? ed, supported or even taken over that manufacturers and ship operators vantageous covering of the stabilizer

Digitalization’s progression will mean by remote control technologies and digi- use today will be replaced – maybe not ‘parking bay’ in the hull) also contrib- utes to this.

that job pro? les within the maritime in- talization will help enormously in intel- in the next ? ve years, but in the not too dustry are set to change and internet con- ligently analyzing information from on distant future.

Source: SKF nections will need to continue to become board and providing instruction. For SKF, its no longer a matter of pur- more stable. Alongside the established suing the optimization of a seal or bear- providers, start-ups will also increas- 3D printing & repairs ing in shipping applications, but at look- ingly push into the maritime market The 3D printing of spare parts will ing at the system as a whole. Alongside

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