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INSIGHTS: GOVERNMENT UPDATE ed several times. The changes, among countries or places. sisted for at least 48 hours; (3) has more board is or may be contaminated with a other things, make it easier for the CDC Operators of ships on international than common diarrhea; (4) has severe communicable disease. to require a ship clearing or departing a voyages are required to report deaths or bleeding, jaundice, or severe persistent The ship may be detained until sat- foreign port bound for the United States illnesses prior to arrival. Operators are cough accompanied by bloody sputum, isfactory sanitary measures have been to obtain a bill of health from the US required to report not just persons on respiratory distress, or a temperature of completed. The owner of the ship nor- consular of? cer for that port setting forth board with a designated communicable 100.4°F (38°C) or greater; or (5) dis- mally would bear any expenses relating the sanitary history of the vessel. The disease, but persons de? ned as ill, mean- plays other symptoms or factors that are to sanitary measures and detention. In

CDC can also suspend, in whole or in ing a person who: (1) has a temperature suggestive of communicable disease. As the case of animals, articles, or things on part, entries and imports from designated of 100.4°F (38°C) or greater accompa- demonstrated in the recent situations in board the ship, any expenses relating to foreign countries or places. nied by one or more of the following: Saint Lucia and Curaçao, local health detention would be borne by the owner This would be done when the CDC rash, swelling of lymph nodes or glands, authorities are ready to impose quaran- thereof.

Director determines that the risk of in- headache with neck stiffness, or chang- tine in appropriate circumstances. The CDC may conduct screenings of troduction of a disease into the United es in level of consciousness or cogni- Inspections and sanitary measures of arrivals to detect the presence of ill per-

States is increased by the introduction tive function; (2) has a temperature of arriving vessels may be directed if there sons. Any person reasonably believed of persons or property from such foreign 100.4°F (38°C) or greater that has per- is evidence that the ship or something on to be infected with or exposed to a quar-

Curt Cultice

Curt Cultice, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

Export Licensing Tips

Some Items U.S. Exporters Shouldn’t Overlook; Export Control Lists

Include Key Marine Tech Categories ach year, the U.S. Department of products, including marine technolo- to ? nd out more about export licensing. production equipment, and other related of Commerce receives thou- gies. A license may also be required be- items. For marine technology export- sands of inquiries from busi- cause of the end use or end user. Items • Don’t make any assumptions. For ers, key entries can be found in USML

Enesses looking to export, many not licensed by BIS may still require a example, just because you are exporting categories VI (surface vessels of war), of which involve licensing questions. license from other agencies, including a small amount of a commodity, sending XI (underwater electronics and acoustic

The Commerce Department’s Bureau the State Department for defense articles it to a friendly country or e-mailing soft- systems), XII (optical and inertial sen- of Industry and Security (BIS), together and services subject to the International ware doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check sors) and XX (submersible vessels); and with other USG agencies, is respon- Traf? c in Arms Regulations which are to see if an export license is needed. CCL categories 5 (telecommunications), sible for export licensing and controls. listed on the United States Munitions Screen all the parties to your transaction. 6 (acoustic sensors), 7 (inertial sensors

BIS export licenses may be required for List (USML). When it comes to deter- and navigation), and 8 (marine). items (commodities, software, or tech- mining whether your export might need • Review the control lists carefully. nology) with proliferation, military, or a license, there are a few sometimes The USML and the BIS-administered • Different levels of technology can terrorist uses, or which warrant control overlooked aspects that U.S. businesses Commerce Control List (CCL) include affect where you can export. The level for other reasons. Export licensing re- should be aware of before they export. not only complete systems and key parts of a product’s technology and market quirements can apply to a wide array After reading, go to our video web page and components, but also raw materials, destination can be important factors as 12 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JUNE 2019

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